I do not wish to scare you, I only wish to release the truth.

I was a young kid back in October of 2008, and I was sleeping in my basement. I was not allowed to watch shows like "South Park" back then, and I was curious to watch at least one episode so I could brag to my friends that I watched it. I noticed that at 2:00 AM, an episode of "Adventures of MYCUN" was on. I hovered over the episode in my TV guide, and saw that the episode was called "The Hidden Killer". So, I set it to come on, and went back to watching South Park. When it came on, the title card was strange. It was just, "The Hidden Killer" in front of a red background. It was an episode I had never seen before so I started recording it on my DVR.

I will now describe the episode and what happened afterwards. Some details may be disturbing for some viewers.

It started out with Gabriel in his house, watching TV. Then there was a knock at the door, and Gabriel answered it to see Koba standing there. This is where things got extremely strange. Koba told Gabriel to stop watching TV. But instead of Gabriel being his usual, cheery self, he answered with a very soft, "No". The frame then started to get fuzzy, but you could clearly make out Gabriel just staring at Koba.

After about ten more seconds of this, the screen went black. Then, about five frames came up of Koba laying dead in Gabriel's closet. As you can imagine, I am very scared at this point, but I decided to keep watching. The screen fuzzed out and then showed Gabriel at Gru's house. Gru tells Gabriel to get the freeze ray. Gabriel answered him with the same soft voice from before, and said "I don't know, Gru. He then turned around and walked out of the room. Now, a single loop of Gabriel walking down the street is played for about five minutes. The screen suddenly flashes to five frames of Gru laying dead on top of Gru's body in Gabriel's closet. The screen suddenly flashes black and white while making an extremely loud static noise.

At this point I started freaking out. It started to get hard to breathe. I then passed out. When I woke up, the episode was still on. I do not, nor will I ever want to know what happened in the episode while I was out. However, after I woke up, the same loop of Gabriel walking was on, and it went on for another five minutes. It then flashed to another five frames of Red, Norman, Hiro, Norbert the Minion, and Caesar, dead, laying on top of Gru and Koba in Gabriel's closet. The screen fuzzed out again and went to a loop of Gabriel walking down stairs in his house for about three minutes. Then, he starts walking in his basement. Behind him were piles of dead apes, blood pouring down their bodies. Then the screen fuzzed and went to an image of Gabriel's face. His eyes were slowly melting out of their sockets. Then his lips moved and he spoke in the same soft voice, "I... killed... everyone... I'm... all... alone." The screen fuzzed again and then showed the final ten frames. It was an image of Gabriel's head in a noose, his eyes gone, hanging on a rope in his basement. Then the episode ended.

After this, I turned off the TV. I tried to go to sleep, but was tormented by the images I just saw. I managed to take a single screenshot of the episode by transferring it to my computer. It is of the title screen. Before I could upload the complete video to the internet, it was deleted from my computer and DVR from unknown causes. I am desperately trying to get the video back, and if I do, I will upload it as soon as possible.

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