Warning: this is an older work: It may have grammatical errors, plot holes, etc. Original by ShardSharp2000 on DeviantArt( Link:; Uploaded this with their permission.

The Haunted Three

The year 2006, it happened in 3 nights, thus I gave this story’s name “The Haunted Three.” It can be called “The Haunted Trilogy.” What this is about is me telling how I watched three broadcasts around 12 in the night. These transmissions of course were “haunted,” because of how they were shown on the face of my television.

I was being bored after watching the first Fast and Furious film. It was still awesome to me, because I didn’t watch it a lot of times. A hour later, still no good films on. There was one, but it finished after some minutes before the credits. It was time to turn off the TV then. Before going to sleep, I heard something downstairs. I raced down the stairwell. Into the living room, I saw the TV on with static. I have a strong habit of remembering nearly everything; I didn’t open it, but an intruder did.

Grabbing a knife from a cupboard and then a cordless phone, I softly shouted, “Who’s there!” No answer. I shouted, “Who’s there!” again. Yet no answer. Still holding the knife in my left hand, I opened the lights to search for them. The remote was on the floor away from the large HD TV. “What intruder would do with TV?” I thought, moving away from the intruder conject-ion. All in a moment, the TV flashed to view a white screen with white noise.

While being occupied by the white noise, distorted waves of much “o”s and some “ah”s were instantly escaping from the speakers. They caused me to fear: It was their voice that made me felt that scared: High-pitch sounds not that high slightly changing range brought out by the waves were the voice. Each wave ended abruptly and then waited for an unpredictable span of seconds. Then the sounds stopped playing and the TV screen turned to black.

I heard a distorted voice of a young male teenager saying this, “No.” Screams of a teenager broke through the audio. These screams sounded a lot like the voice in the beginning. The transmission ended and there was static.

I was thinking about the purpose and meaning about that broadcasting, but my head was filled with fright and wonder about this very unusual broadcasting. I was also weary that time. Ten minutes, I went to sleep with less fright. No time to delve into that thought.

The day after that, I delved into the thought of yesterday’s TV hijacking and thought that transmission was to scare viewers. Then I thought that isn’t the broadcast’s true goal. So I wondered why would hacker transmit that.

I usually arrive at home on 9 PM. I reported to the channel which was hijacked about last night’s TV hijacking through e-mail. Some time after, I got a response from the channel’s help staff saying they’ll be investigating on that situation.

After a film I was watching ended, another eerie transmission viewed on the TV. A woman’s voice started speaking in front of black: “I went through it and will never come back. And what I will always face is the core of sin. It is eternal, what tortures me and is what feeds it. Escaping it and its creatures is impossible…” The voice got lower, “His angel will not protect him there. She will make him suffer...” The black turned into blurry “slideshow” of three pictures of dark with bits of white static. The first one was a bulky boy going through a rectangular portal. His back was shown. The second was a “portrait” of a bulky figure with a white gown. It was bordered by two shades of white. The last was same with the second, but the blocks of white became black with white contours.

Was this woman talking about hell? The answer yet is unknown to me. A thought out of nowhere came to my head, stating, “Is woman the teenager from the previous hijacking?” I couldn’t tell for a few minutes. It felt the same because of the topics of the two were very similar. Then a feeling that this is very related to the other.

The third day, everyone in the workplace had two days off, so I was in home.

After having my breakfast, I got to the computer to check my e-mail as usual. I found an message from the TV channel staff. They said they hadn’t found any sign of a tampered signal and stated that some hacker could have tampered into your satellite dish. I haven’t thought about that.

In case of another hijacking, I brought out my video recorder half-charged.

I was waiting in case something weird happened when the TV only received static. I decided to check my satellite dish, so I went outside. Before I left indoors, I turned on my video a while being charged and left it in front of my TV. Outside, I saw the dish untouched.

A few hours later, the final transmission broadcasted. While static was playing, a low-pitch female voice similar to the one in in the second broadcast spoke these words, “He's in... this dimension, this hell that isn't hell...” “He” was the teenager. The young teenager’s voice returned, “I can’t find the door. I’m trapped in this dimension. Oh no… “ Lushly covered by static, the white face of a woman screamed “NO” over and over if someone was trying to kill her for a reason. The TV went off.

I phoned the police. I told them the entire story.

As some policemen arrived, I showed them the recording I have after I had told my story to them. After that they did investigated my satellite and the recording.

A few months later, the police told me the hacker who transmitted all these signal intrusions couldn’t be found and the call would be paused until any possible solution is found. Still it is paused.

This transmission showed about the world the human teenager trapped in another world was in. It seemed like a call for help, but it wasn’t. It could have been a scary signal intrusion just to scare, but it seemed haunted in a natural way. The TV died out that time. I just think it is a little more than a scary transmission.

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