Remember The Geo Team TV series, which made by Glass Ball Productions in 1991? Well, there was an episode that was never aired. The name of the episode was "Back from the Dead", was originally produced in 1994 as a Halloween special in season 4, but it was cancelled and shelved because Glass Ball thought it had too blood and gore on the episode.

They were right. No one knew this episode existed until it aired. The reason for why it randomly aired unannounced is unknown. It was rumored to have been a complete accident.

The ordinary intro began, it showed the name of the episode. Anyways, the episode began like it always does, with The Geo Team in their Halloween costumes. Gree Guy was driving his truck, until Gree Guy crashed into The Geo Team. Both the video and audio got messed up and distorted. There was a black screen for like 6 seconds, then the video came back to normal. The part where Toon Link buried Margo was silent, or had no sound. The video was a turquoise color.

The Geo Team rose out of their graves as zombies, except there was static in the background. There was a black screen, until Gree Guy spits out Toon Link's arm, then he laughs. The laugh was slowed down, along with The Once-ler's zombie moan, Gree Guy rips Homer in half and uses his lower body to get to Toon Link, the video was in black and white. After that part, the video was played in fast motion. The colors were flickering like crazy. It was almost as if The Geo Team were having a seizure, there was an explosion after Geo Guy bites into Gree Guy's brain. The part where Toon Link was relieved and getting attacked by his zombified arm was normal; there wasn't any effects applied to it. Then it cut to the paper ghost, except it was piercing loud. The credits began like they always do, but something wasn't right. The music was playing in reserved.