Haven't you ever heard about the show on The Greeny Channel, The Geo Team? It's a show about a group who against The Gree Team and they go on adventures. Well, there was an episode that was never aired on TV. The episode was so disturbing that it aired only once I had to tell someone. You might be wondering, "How do I know of this unaired episode?".

I was an intern at Glass Ball Productions. There was a man who was a lead animator for a Geo Team special, which was supposed to revive the struggling franchise in 2008. His name was Gary. He would work day after day in an isolated room, designing a special that would "blow our minds", as he said. He indeed blew our minds, but not in an amazed way. In a horrible, gruesome way.


This is what The Big Revenge VHS tape looks like this. Uh oh. You ought to be the unfortunate owner of it...

One day, he rounded up the cast and crew of the show to watch his final product. He gave us two VHS tapes and then left for unknown reasons. We put the first tape that was labeled: "TGT, unaired season 3 episode" in to see our guaranteed masterpiece of an episode. If only we knew what would would befall.


The title card.

We immediately presumed that "TGT" meant "The Geo Team", having heard it being abbreviated like that various times. The first tape started. It had the theme song for The Geo Team, and it brought back memories of past episodes for me. But for some reason, the theme song was sung in a lower pitch than usual and the colors were all red. A title card appeared, and it said: "The Big Revenge". We thought the name was weird but we still kept watching.

The episode began with Dick was watching TV with The Geo Team. Suddenly, Frankie Foster barged through the door. She had crazy eyes, like Dave had in the Evil Minion episode. She yelled "DICK!!!!! YOU IDIOT!!!!! YOU JUST ATE MY GOLDEN COOKIE!!!!!". I was confused cause I did not see Dick eat a golden cookie at the beginning of the episode, he only ate a regular cookie. I guess he ate the golden cookie before the beginning of the episode, which wasn't shown, you know, behind the scenes.

Frankie stomped out of the room and static sounds were heard instead of stomping sounds, then the screen went static and we could hear Dave saying "boka?". Later, it showed Dick getting into his drawer, giggling. He took out a notebook with a faded picture on it. Dick began to laugh maniacally. At this point, we started freaking out.

So we didn’t know what the grin was all about, but we knew it wasn’t good. Dick took the book with him down the hall. From here down to the far end you can see Barbara, Homer, Frankie. They were staring at Dick while looking disappointed and angry. They stared at him for about twenty seconds, and then Frankie said the strangest thing.

"We thought you were Barbara's friend," Frankie said in an demonic, distorted voice. "But, you''re just a big, selfish, and mean jerk! You should be ashamed of yourself!" This voice sounded nothing like Frankie Foster. Just nothing at all. We were really freaked out, but we continued watching because we wanted to get more proof than just this part.

Dick then started to look at Barbara, Homer, Frankie. He looked nervous and scared. You could hear the sound of a heartbeat in the background.

Geo Guy then approached the scene. He said, "Why, Dick, why?” Dick then became even more nervous. Everyone then stared at the screen in a horrifying way, and then the screen turned into static for a few seconds.

The Geo Team was in Frankie’s home. Geo Guy is now there. The Geo Team looks at Dick as he sits nervously. Gru then takes the book that Dick was holding and opens it. He finds a patch of blood holding two pages together. The Geo Team then stares at Dick wide-eyed.

Dick then starts to sweat as The Geo Team gives him grieving looks. They then leaves Frankie's house, but leaves Dick behind. Homer then locked the door and said, "YOU MONSTER!" He then closed the door, and Dick started to cry, but it wasn't normal cartoon crying, this crying sounded absolutely real. I couldn't believe what we were watching, We tried to turn off the TV, but We wanted to see how it ended.


A possible screencap from the lost episode

The screen went to static for a few minutes, and that's when everything took a turn for the worse, we actually saw Dick standing in a black background. His eyes were closed and he just stood there for 1 minute. There were no sound at all. Dick (The episode was getting freakier and freakier that it was impossible to get bored from seeing Dick all the time), as he started to open his eyes. They were pitch black and blood coming out of them. The background was of that of the final boss of Earthworm Jim SNES. He began to distort completely and the background went from blurry to black for 1 minute.

Then, it showed Homer opening the door in a dark room and says: "Dick? You okay?". Dick was sitting in the hedge of the wall, and he says: "Oh, hi Homer. I'm happy I'll finally get my revenge for all those times you made fun of me. BECAUSE THIS MUCH SMILING DRIVES YOU CRAZY!". Dick's quote from The Batman episode "Ring Toss" was heard in a demonic version.


Another possible screencap from The Big Revenge

Dick pulls out of a knife and Homer begins to scream (from The Simpsons season 2 episode, "Itchy & Scratchy & Marge"). Dick stabs Homer in the chest. Homer, seeming still alive, says "Dick, why are you doing this? Why? Why?". Dick answers Homer with "BECAUSE I AM SICK OF YOU! YOU WILL DIE!" before stabbing him again, this time, killing him. Dick had a sad expression on his face. He said: "Oh no... what have I done? I killed him..."

Dick looks at the wall, and says this: "Geoville, please forgive me for doing this... Forgive me for everything I did wrong..." But when he said that, Dick didn't even sound like Mathew Valencia. That's not the worse part, there was more horrible stuff. Dick stabs himself in the chest and he dies.

The episode ends with Dick and Homer laying the floor, dead. The screen faded to black. The words appeared in the screen for the rest of the episode until it went to credits:

In Loving Memory...

Homer Simpson and Dick Grayson 1955-2011, 1991-2011

The tape ended.

We took the tape and the unwatched one, which said "The Big Revenge Commentary" on it, and threw them at the wall repeatedly until they got broken. Thanks a lot Gary! Just why the hell would you make this?! That special is NOTHING special!

Let me clarify that the VHS tapes are not destroyed, and they are still out there somewhere. If you see any tape with The Big Revenge, or The Big Revenge Commentary on it, DO NOT WATCH THEM! FOR PETE'S SAKE DO NOT WATCH THEM! DESTROY THEM!