Homer shooting himself in the climax of the episode.

One day I was at the local flea market when something caught my eye. It was a VHS tape that was labeled: "The Geo Team, S8EP14", having heard it being abbreviated like that various times. Of what I knew, there were only 13 episodes in each season (Except for the first season), so I thought that I might have missed this episode. I looked at the price tag and it was $1. I wondered why it was a dollar, but shook it off, as if the tape was old itself. I decided to buy it and went home. I was in my basement digging through boxes when I finally found the VHS. I got a box of cords and wires and took them to my TV set.

I plugged in the final cord I got the VHS tape and popped it in the VHS player! Surprisingly, it worked! When it began there was no federal pirating warning. Disregarding this, I continued.

The intro started out normal. After the intro was over, The episode's title card then appeared, reading "Play with Me" with a drawing of Homer Simpson with bloodshot eyes, smiling. He had a knife with blood over it on his hand. He was standing over Toon Link's dead body. The credits all read "Lucifer" , instead of the name of the writer or animator. Weird chanting was playing in the background of this.

The episode begins with Toon Link sitting on the couch. Then, Homer came here to talk with him. Homer says in a distorted voice: "Toon Link, play with me." Then Toon Link said: "No, not right now." Homer then said: "Please..." Then, Toon Link yelled: "NO!"

Then, things got scary, Homer closes his eyes and it just stayed here for 10 seconds, and then he open his eyes and it was bloodshot. "PLAY WITH ME" Homer said in a very loud, distorted, creepy demonic voice. He pull out a knife and stab Toon Link in the chest, it then cut to black, You could hear him scream, but it didn't sound cartoony either. it sounded realistic like one of the voice actors being killed and tortured. The screaming could be from "Fudd.wmv".

Then, it cut to corpse of Toon Link, he was missing one eye, and hyper-realistic blood dripped from his empty socket. His limbs were broken and twisted at unnatural angles. His heart had been cut out and laid beside him, and blood stained his clothes where his heart had been. Disturbed more than I had been in my entire life, maybe, I began to feel sick to my stomach, but I knew I had to keep watching.

Then it cut to Homer with bloodshot eyes, smiling. He begin to laugh in a very creepy demonic voice, it cut to static. It stayed here for 10 minutes. Then, it showed Geo Guy, Green Bob, Little Guy, Crash, Cartman, Geo, Jan, Jason, Bloo, The Once-ler, Coraline, Margo and Dave dead. Then, Homer look at me, he just stood here. Then, he says in a demonic voice: "I AM FEAR" He holds up a gun to his mouth and shoots himself. The final shot of the episode depicts Homer lying down on the floor, with a hole in his head, bleeding.

The ending credits appeared, but the song was playing in reverse.

I was scared out of my mind. "What the fuck did I just watch!?!", I thought to myself as I smashed the tape with the hammer.

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