Does anyone remember The Greeny Channel show The Geo Team? it is one of the longest-running Greeny Channel shows, next to Greeny Phatom and Geo's World. However, there was supposed to be a Halloween special for Season 4, but it was shelved. But one night, I was watching a marathon of The Geo Team, when suddenly, another episode came on. The intro played normally, as usual. The episode began with The Geo Team in their Halloween costumes. It then cut to Gree Guy driving in his truck, and then he crashed into The Geo Team, causing the video and audio to get distorted. A black screen came for 6 seconds, and then it came back to normal. it showed a scene when Toon Link buried Margo, and it had no audio. Plus, it was a turquoise color. The Geo Team rose out of their graves, and then the credits played. what was different was that Award Winners from Otto Sibien was in reverse.

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