Geo's World Theory

Geo's World is nothing but a joke! Why? Allow me to demonstrate. Meet Geo G., the creator of the entire cartoon series. His mother, Beth G., was a crazy idiotic prostitute.

Frank G., Geo's father, was a drunk cheapskate. His best friend, Daniel Stainton (father of Robert Stainton, of Greeny Phatom fame) used drugs. His brother Randy G. was a terrorist.

And Geo's sister, Zoe G., was a sex model for PentHouse. Beth died in a car accident, Frank died in a heart attack, Daniel died of a drug overdose, Randy died because of the US Army, and Zoe died by commiting suicide. And Geo was all alone. He just forgets about his family by just practicing with cartooning.

He starts by creating the beginning characters, Geo Guy, Green Bob, Geo Girl, and Geo Guy 2. Geo Guy (based on Geo) is the main protagonist.

Green Bob (based on Daniel) is Geo Guy's best friend and next door neighbor. Geo Girl (based on Zoe) is Geo Guy's sister. And Geo Guy 2 (based on Randy) is Geo Guy's Clone/Twin Cousin. So, this is a collab theory, you can add anything else. No credit or permission needed, but that would be nice. Just don't do anything stupid. Thank you and have a nice day!