Disturbing Geo's World Episode03:03

Disturbing Geo's World Episode

I was searching the internet a while back and I stumbled upon this article.

I was going to use it for a project but I simply left it. There are now no websites containing information on this incident.

The Article

Has Geo's World gone too far?

An episode with blood in it? 

Many people have been waiting for a Geo's World premier, but instead they get a very violent, mature show that has curse words in it.

A person named Johnny, a viewer complained that 'Gree Guy' (one of the villains in the show) gets shot in the head by Geo himself.

He had been disturbed ever since and John Freeman had gotten his pants sewed off. 

The episode is said that Geo shoots Gree Guy in the head, before shooting himself.

Tons of Geo's World fans stopped watching this show because of this. The fans were extremely angry, and demanded that they get answers at once.

Staff have said that they had nothing to do with the episode, and no more answers have been gotten out of them. Still, there are no answers about what happened with the episode.

The Aftermath

Three days after this article came out, it was removed when I tried to search it again. Since that article got removed, this is the only place where you can read about it.

Hopefully, the person who removed that doesn't remove this, but all of this really happened. The website was incase you're wondering. Personally, I got all teary when I watched the video. The video can be viewed below, view at you're own risk.

Alledged Video

Geo's World Lost Episode00:55

Geo's World Lost Episode

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