You have all seen the show The Fairly dankparents. Do you know why the show is the meme it is? I bet you didn't. Luckily, I got an unlimited edition of the first billionth season DVD boxed set and saw "The History" for myself. However, it is not what it seems.

The intro was very different than how it usually is. In the beginning, the singing is very fabulous atitle apearedFOPnd filled with laughter. When it gets to the point of Timmy making the drugs, it starts to speed up, as if it were a duck song version. At the end of the intro, Vicks Vaporub turns into a cherry bomb, and everyone explodes, glitter flying and Cosmo dabbing. I knew I should have dabbed right there too, but my mind wouldn't let me. So I break danced.

The beginning of the show started off with the view of Timmy's house, and then his room. There was no computer, so this was clearly before Timmy had his YouTube channel. His digital clock then flipped to 7:99AM, with the sound of a clock beeping

Timmy's parents open his bedroom door. His dad then yelled, "It's time for the wheel of mythicality!" Timmy, confused why they came to his room to tell him that, but his dad grabbed him. The scene faded into black, and Timmy continued to dab.

The next scene showed Timmy with a black eyed peas, multiple sharpie drawings on his head, and his right arm bent the right way. His parents were leaving the house, telling the "babysitter" Vicks vaporub to "finish the job, I'll give you the family silencer and silverballers" because they were "too gay" to do anything else. Vicks vaporub the door, pulled out the fairly odd parents movie, Timmy fell over, cringed out of his pancreas and with him vomiting out rainbowz. Then the scene faded back to black, with Timmy dabbing this time.

Timmy wakes up in his room, gay free and two floating craps. They turn into lemons and introducing themselves as "Cosmic brownie and Windows 9" and being his "lemons." They then say that if a human comes into his room, they'll turn into poop and stay in the toiletbowl that they brought with them. They tell Timmy he can wish for whatever he wants. He firsts wishes for strippers, then producing AJ and Chester. He then wishes to figure out why his parents love him so much. Wanda wants to grant the wish, but Cosmo screams "Done!" and then there is a major fart.

There's a memory of how his parents wanted a boy, buying everything in underarmor and Adidas. Disappointed with a dabbing boy and too cheap to buy meme things, the parents force Timmy to watch Michel Rosen and the pink hat with a dot that he for some reason still wears. His parents then think he isn't a true meme master, which leads to why he is constantly being memeified, because they worry Timmy won't give them a copy of halo 6. He then learns how his teacher, Mr. Crocker, is a Valve worker, which is another speculation why his parents love Team Fortress 2.

Then, his parents start calling his name. Cosmic brownie and Windows 9 start to turn to crap brown, and Timmy then wakes up in a Tavern. The toiletbowl is still there with the lemons smiling with doritos . Timmy then sees that it is 7:99AM, and knows what is about to happen. He then asks where AJ and Chester are.

His mom then says, "I don't know, they might be at da club. You've been high for several seconds now. You just got out of the rehab a second ago."

So, this shows how the series is all a reality, Timmy had become the ultimate dab master, and his parents are proud that he became rich and popular around the globe. I hope Cosmic brownie and Windows 9 didn't ruin your dream for meme mastering, but it had to be told. And now Timmy can be the total dab and meme king 4 life yo! THE END!!!![[Category:EpisEpisodesMLG

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