NOTICE: This creepypasta has similarities to The My Little Pony Tales Lost Episode and Sesame Street Banned Episode Creepypastas and this is the 666th page!

I found a video on YouTube that said: "Adventures of MYCUN Lost Episode (HD 1080p)". So I clicked it. When I was sure it had loaded enough not to buffer, I started watching.

After that the intro played and I smiled as I watched it. However the screen started to turn left near the end of the intro but I thought of it as a glitch. The episode's name however disturbed me. It was called "The End of MYCUN" I was shocked but thought of it as a morbid joke.

The episode starts with Gabriel walking down the street when he bumps into Gru. Gabriel says "Oh. Hi, Gru. How's the day going?". Gru says "Well good as usual, Gru." Then they heard a gunshot which came from the computer.

Everyone starts running scared and screaming and Gabriel looks at what is going on along with Gru then something unexpected appeared. It was Koba and he had a dangerous rifle in his hand. Gabriel and Gru ran away horrified but Koba chased them nearly killing Gabriel and Gru but luckily they manage to dodge the shots.

Hiro then came out saying "What's going on here?" Then Koba shot Hiro and he died instantly. Then it showed Jak and Daxter hiding on the side of an apartment building before they are found and shot by Koba. But for some reason after he shot Jak and Daxter, Koba started eating their organs and brains with realistic blood to go with it.

That's what Koba did to everyone he killed. Then it cuts back to Gabriel and Gru in an abandoned tunnel. Gabriel said "Koba won't find us here we hope". Then Koba appeared in front of Gabriel and multiple clones of himself all chanting "DIE DIE DIE". Then it cut to the Koba eating Gabriel and Gru like the rest before it went to the credits.

I tried going back to the video after shutting my computer down from shock and horror. But it won't show up. History, YouTube, all of the possible ways of seeing it again. Not a single trace was left. So, please, if you see that episode, contact me. I need someone to discuss it to.

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