The End

My voice memo introduction.

Nobody has ever done this once, i had an audio file called THE_END.wav and i thought, well lucky me! I think it glitched when it was finished, i was wrong though. Because when i played it. I heard static. And after that, i heard me saying "Hi guys! Today i will be doing something old that i've done!" And thats what a really said, but then its total silence. I thought, shit. I accidently had this voice memo, THIS IS GOING ON THE WIKI! After 2 minutes of silence, i then said let's spawn a million wolfs, as i did, the audio was corrupted. Only confusing, i said this: "I can't take it anymore." I said to myself when i listened to what the voice memo said, i heard a gunshot 5 seconds after. And we hear complete silence for a minute, and it ends. I decided to delete the file. But to this day, the audio still haunts me.