There was once a girl who loved dolls so much. One day, her mom took her to the toy store, and the girl quickly ran to the doll section. On the highest shelf, a doll caught her eye, and it was so unlike the other dolls and there was only one of it. The girl got it down, and admired it; the doll had red hair, a pair of old overalls on, and she was holding up the peace sign.

The girl thought the doll was cute, so she bought it. The cashier didn't reconize it, so he let the girl have it for free. At home, the girl played with it all day until her bedtime. She loved the doll a lot!

When she went to bed, she asked her mom to sleep with the doll, but didn't let her. Disappointed, the girl put the doll on a shelf that was near her bed. Her mom tucked the daughter in, and left the room.

Five minutes later, there was a thump from the girl's room. The mom rushed in but saw that it was only the doll. She put it back on the shelf and left.

Ten minutes later, there was another thump from the girl's room. The mom rushed in but the doll fell off the shelf again. Annoyed, the mom let the girl sleep with her doll and left the room.

That morning, the mom went to her daughter's room to wake her up for school. She found her daughter laying down in an awkward position, but there was red liquid all over her. You guessed it; the liquid was blood. Her daughter was dead! Instead of the doll holding up the peace sign, she was now holding up three fingers.

So, if you didn't get it, the doll already killed two people when the girl bought the doll. Two fingers equal two people dead. When she killed the girl, she held up three fingers. Now the doll killed three people.