Do you guys remember those old school Geo TV episodes on Fox between 1998 to 2000? Well, there is one episode at the time that was never aired to the public - an episode which never would have been seen at all had it not been pirated and leaked onto the web. 

It is still unknown why he made it, but what has been pieced together is that he wanted to have a darker look on the Geo TV characters and wanted his characters (Geo Guy and Rico) to have darker personalities. But, Fox refused to air the episode and he made this as a backup for his idea.

Geo G. got it to air once, but due to complaints it had to be taken off.

The episode was called "The Death of Geo Guy", and it has moved across the web in varied forms, being shutdown several times but cropping up again in new websites or accounts - the quality always pretty terrible and the episode made no sense but still giving an in-sight into the horrors that I saw.

The episode started off as we see Rico and Eis waiting for the school bus to go to school this morning.

Geo Guy then arrived and said to the boys that he was late, and was trying to eat cereal, but he was full. Rico tells Geo Guy that he was shocked. He asked him that why is he slow, but Geo Guy doesn't know. Then the bus arrived and the boys came in the bus. The bus driver asked the boys why are they late, but Rico tells him that Geo Guy was late.

The boys were at school, and we see Geo Guy sees a emergency pull station and began to laugh in a sneaky way. As Geo Guy pulls it, Rico warned Geo Guy to not do it, but Geo Guy already pulls it. Rico then became furious and he yells at him that he hates him. Then it showed Geo Guy's mom, Liz taking him home and getting grounded. That night, we see Rico going to Geo Guy's house. He somehow went on a window to Geo Guy's room.

Then it cuts to Geo Guy sleeping in his bedroom. Rico opens the window and pulls out a knife. When Geo Guy woke up, he screamed realistically, if his voice actor is really terrified. Then it cuts to the black screen but you can hear the audio of the screaming, but I started to notice, it wasn't his voice, it was a realistic scream of a child.

At the beginning of the episode's production, Geo G. had an idea that the animated style of Geo TV's world represented life, and that death turned things more realistic. This was used in this episode. The picture of Geo Guy's corpse was barely recognizable, they took full advantage of it not having to move, and made an almost photo-realistic drawing of his dead body.

Then Rico begins to drop the knife down with a shocked expression on his face for realizing what he done to his friend. The police, the FBI, and the SWAT came here to arrest Rico. They handcuffed him and sent him to jail.

It then cuts to a funeral home. Eis, Jea, and Geo Guy's family were all inside, sobbing, the sounds of them all filling the screening room. It zoomed in on the same shot of Geo Guy. This crying went on for all of the video (except the final scene). The final scene was Rico is in a prison's electric chair room. It burns him to death. The episode ends.

The episode was removed on the internet because of the content.