The photograph of Blythe's dead body.

I was getting my shirt on and going to a film club that I am in that’s just right across thee street from where I live. The club had apparently shut down over the years and now it’s finally back open, so now I can enjoy more awesome films crated by friends who are in it. So I got in my car and headed directly to the film club. But while I am driving I saw some graffiti art on my neighbors house that said in dark red blood, “We can’t do it. Death is the drug that will heal us.” It looked like someone had written red paint on the wall, but it was actually real blood that had been smeared on the wall. At first I thought I was just seeing things until I actually got to my film club. The whole club looked completely shocked, they were all looking directly at the TV screen in extreme fear and stress, and they didn’t even say hi or notice me walking into the room. I started to become scared and confused about what was going on that day, but then I proceeded to go to the film club anyway and I sat in the front chair of the whole club. Then the club president announced that there will be a new video that was brought to them from Estonia that had to do with a DVD of a new episode of LPS. The president then said another thing that wasn’t audible. I saw that everyone’s eyes are completely bloodshot and then they started cheating the same thing he was saying but it’s wasn’t audible of what they were saying either. Then the president put in the DVD which then the video immediately started.

The episode’s beginning part didn’t play nor did the theme song. The theme song was replaced was a child screaming at full volume, as well as a text in a black background that reads, “The Death of Blythe.” Then it cut to a completely black screen with the worst grain possible. For some reason it stayed black for 2 minutes before cutting directly to the episode without any commercials or beginning credits. The episode’s background looked extremely realistic and not so flash animated like the episodes always are. It showed Blythe Baxter, the show’s 13 year old main character, sitting alone in her room crying uncontrollably with no facial features in the dark while it played murmuring backwards. Her crying sounded so realistic that it didn’t sound like fake laughter, it actually sounded like the voice actor was crying but in Blythe’s voice. As we are seeing her crying in her bed, it then showed a shadowing coming towards her while we then hear the sound of a teenage girl screaming uncontrollably in reverse. After that we see a red liquid leaking from Blythe’s eyes as her crying gets louder and more full of hurt. She then starts groaning and her clothes get ripped as she starts groaning even louder. Back in the film club, there was a man in the back that was crying in the same style as Blythe but this time crying lava which had burned the floor for some reason. I felt like I was crying to throw up, but I continued to watch the episode anyway. It then cuts to a scene of Blythe father Rodger, wearing a suit and looked serious. He had an extremely serious face, which would seem unlikely for him. Then he screamed, “Pourqoui!!! I never even said goodbye to my poor daughter.” Then he started crying uncontrollably as he then fell on the floor and curled up in a ball. He then eventually got up after 2 minutes of extreme crying in the dark. Then all of a sudden there was a picture that had just flashed on the screen for a split second. The president backed up the video to find that the picture was an image of a hyper-realistic-looking 13 year old girl with her hair mangled on the concrete was her eyes as black holes, her body is completely covered in blood, there is police tape snagged in her hair and body, and she was completely naked with camera flashes. This caused myself to cry to see the horrible sight of this image. The image that had flashed on the screen that the president rewinded was in-fact Blythe Baxter dead. The photos didn’t look like they were made in a cartoonish way, it actually looked like a professional photographer had token the image and put it in the episode. Then the president started to cry as he continued with the episode.

After Rodger got up, it played an extremely loud screaming noise that almost blasted out the speakers of the film club as it shows Blythe’s dad being tackled by the dark figure that was in Blythe’s room before cutting directly to black. After that it cuts to a scene of the Littlest Pet Shop closed down by the police as police had completely surrounded the whole building. The Littlest Pet Shop didn’t look like a cartoon, it looked like a hole in the wall, and the animation was extremely hyper-realistic. Then it shows a scene with Anna, the owner of the LPS pet shop, standing alone in the shop with a noose around her neck. It looked like she was about to hang the noose, but as she was bout to let go to choke herself. Anna then started bleeding from her eyes and then she looked directly at us with a worried but surprised expression. She then started chanting the same thing that the film club president was saying but in Blythe’s voice, but yet again it wasn’t audible. Then her face became deformed as she then screamed loudly before cutting to black as the grain became worse as her screaming became louder 3 minutes. But before it cut to black, it then quickly flashed another photo. But this time the photo was of Blythe’s dad screaming with a knife going straight through his neck. His eyes were teared out, and his teeth were broken.

After it cut to black, it then showed Blythe dead on the concrete in the same photo from before, but this time it was an actual scene that was in the episode, and it was in reverse. It showed a crowd of people and photographers taking pictures of Blythe’s dead body, and the Biskit Twins were laughing manically at Blythe’s dead body before they were gunned brutally by Blythe’s dad Rodger. Then they all back up in terror, Blythe then comes back to life and she flies back into the window as we then hear a screaming noise as she is flying back up with a shocked look on her face. Then the glass all went back into the window as she then opens her eyes and laughs as we seen that now she has black holes for eyes, her mouth was stretched and bloodied, and he hair was heavily mangled. Then we see the dark figure from before trying to attack her with no clothes on. Blythe had a beer bottle in her butt as she then looked at the dark figure with bedroom eyes with black eyeliner and eye shadow makeup completely smeared on her face with completely black eyes as she smiled creepily with blood dripping from her mouth and eyes. Then we hear her scream for a second before it shows a scene of all of the animals from LPS crying and screaming in pain as they all go inside the dumbwaiter and say, “We can’t do it. Death is the drug that will heal us.” Then we hear a deep voice that said loudly, “Go ahead!” Then it shows all of the animals with their intestines ripped out and their heads decapped from their bodies before it cuts to a video of Blythe’s dad standing next to a tombstone crying with my name on it for some reason. Then it cuts to static and a screaming noise mixed with various murmuring noises and groaning noises.

After the movie had ended, I find that every person in my film club is gone including the president. Then I tried to leave the film club but the doors were all locked and the whole place had the corpses of all of the film club members. I then found an axe and started hacking away at the door finally broke out and ran back home in extreme fear. Then once I got home, all of the power had went out and there were growling noises coming from my bedroom and I then saw a man with a corpse's head come out and charge at me. I dodge out of the way and he runs out the door. After that I went straight into my bedroom and put the covers over my head in extreme fear. I will never forget those awful images, and I am vowing to never watch LPS every again or go to the film club. I had got the news that the person who had made that animation was an Estonian man who was mentally ill and was obsessed with LPS and Blythe Baxter. Someone from the club had somehow uploaded the animation onto the internet before they died somewhere on the internet. The film had even caused the president to commit suicide. I will never come out of my room ever again either. The world is too crazy for me to be out roaming around. Then I had found this paper underneath my bed that roughly said in stained dark red blood,

“We can’t do it. Death is the drug that will heal us.”