You know The Cryptids, right? It's was about cryptids. Where they can talk and sing and whislte. Well, there was a lost episode. Then someone told me the email and password and wanted me to watch a private video. So i did, and i decided to watch the video. The user told me it was a fan made cryptids episode and the user name was "_A_A_A"
The Cryptids Logo

The Logo


It all started like a normal episode with Bigfoot giving Yeti a gift but it cut black. Then it showed Jersey Devil, but his eyes were red and dripping blood. And later, it showed Bigfoot and Alien holding on an umbrella near a F5 tornado while a g-major footage of a Volcano erupting played and later showed a Giant Spider falling off the Golden Gate Bridge and cutted black. After 20 seconds of black, it showed Chupacabra throwing up a Soccer Ball and showed Ropen and Jersey Devil and a shotgun noise was heard. Did Ropen and Jersey Devil got shot by a hunter? and it cutted black. Later, it showed Nessie being attacked by the evil version of Nessie. The screen was red and it went to black. Then i heard a car honking, blood soaking, and flies flying. They all sound realistic. Then it showed a picture of a blood soaked Nessie (looking like she was ran over). Her neck was sliced, Her chest was ripped, Her flippers were broked, and the screen was zooming to her face while hearing bigfoot saying,

"Nessie? Nessie! Nessie Wake Up! Nessie! NESSIE!!!" 
Nessie vs Evil Nessie

Screencap from The Episode showing Nessie and Evil Nessie

And it got quiter and went to static.

It later showed a demonic picture of Chupacabra with a creepy smile, black eyes, red pupils, and blood dripping (which resembles sonic.exe). The background turned black, the screen zoomed to Chupacabra's face, and it went white then black. It showed The Rake chasing a gecko on the street. The clip was black and white and the audio was fuzzy. Then it showed the waggle dance from phineas and ferb (It was in The Cryptids version) and cutted black. Seriously? Phineas and Ferb? It showed The Canvey Island Monster smiling strangly and is saying

"I will never lose!"

Then it showed a footage of 9/11 while the cast of The Cryptids screaming was heard. It then showed Dr. Turbo and Angel staring at Slenderman and Mothman and Dr. Turbo threw a knife at Mothman and suddenly, Mothman puked blood on Slenderman's face and cutted black. Suddenly it showed Bigfoot, Alien, Chupacabra, Slenderman, and Mothman with Black Eyes and showing creepy smiles (the eyes and mouth were somehow added to Slenderman and Mothmman's Red Eyes were replaced and the mouth was also added to Mothman) and later showed The Rake and Nessie with the same eyes and smiles. It later showed Alien (he was back to normal) sitting on a chair crying and saying "Why is this happening to me? Why? WHY?" but Alien's voice wasn't like Charlie Day/Paul (Who voices Alien) but a realistic human saying it, and showed Red (Alien's older brother) looking at Alien. and showed Dr. Turbo staring at a viewer and turned G-Major and turned off like a real computer screen.

After the Video

It turned out to be my Dream after watching suicidemouse.avi and The Cryptids. it must have been combined together.
Goanimate logo

Where i made justin gets grounded, the cryptids, and others.

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