On the Creepypasta Wiki, in 2012, an anonymous user posted a Creepypasta, simply entitled "Them." It wasn't scary in the slightest, and numerous people posted comments saying things like, "So lame," and "Not frigging scary!" But then, the pasta was edited. Again, it was edited by an anonymous user, and it became terrifying. I don't mean the kind of scary that one would expect, I mean, it was a kind of scary never used before. Anyone who read it went pale, and suddenly began to scream loudly without stopping, some screaming so loud that the corners of their mouths would split, and blood would run down onto their chests. They just couldn't stop screaming, no matter how hard they tried. Their eyes would twitch insanely, and it seemed like an unseen force had taken over their bodies.

Then, they would fall unconscious for two days, and not move an inch. By the end of the second day, a strange noise could be heard, and the people who read the Creepypasta would be discovered the following day, lying outside their homes, partially eaten, partially burned, but one third of their bodies would be crushed into a macabre scarlet paste, which would be smeared on their front doors, reading the following message: "No One Will Save You. Not Even Them."

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