I went to see The Boxtrolls at my local Cineworld, I bought tickets, During the film, It cut to black for a second before it showed Cheesebridge at night, Fish & Sparky were arguing about who gets the bed, Oilcan was playing with his toys, Fragile was walking around before he was bitten He got bitten by a spider, It wasn't CGI bite, It was realistic, Everyone screamed around me, I noticed, Fragile was crying very hard, Which made some people cry blood, I was scared, The bite got worse and worse until Fragile's bite bleed very hard, Fragile killed every Boxtroll until Eggs died, Fragile stared at the camera for a minute before he said "Time to kill you" and everyone screamed extremely loud before my eardrums broke, I had a nightmare for 4 weeks until the cinema closed.

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