The following is a transcript for YTP: Sheen's descent into instanity. (alternate title The Bedfellows Lost episode).

Part 1

(Sheen he's have stamp or making phones call by Fatigue)

Sheen (yelling): WHAT!?

Fatigue: Sheen, i want meet your new friend.

Sheen: I am work.

Fatigue: I we get home?

Sheen: I don't want masturbing gay friend!

Fatigue: To fucking pet.

(Sheen he's very very angry and crush phones)

(cuts to Bedfellows home and knock door)

Fatigue: Come in.

(Shows card for "Later")

(cuts to Fatigue meet Gary he was scary)

Fatigue: Hey, Gary. I got a board game for us to play.

Gary: Oh, I guess that sounds safe enough. So how do you play?

Fatigue: You need to get across the board without breaking the jar.

Gary: What happens if it breaks?

Fatigue: You have to go back to the hospital, at the start.

Gary: Oh, well that sounds like a terr--

(cuts to Sheen's get sniper for outside)


(Sheen shots Gary he was scream and fall down)

Fatigue: Uh? Gary? Hello? NO!!! OH PLEASE GOD!!!

Sheen: What the hell is goin on there?

Fatigue: Oh! Sheen! That guy!?

Sheen: Why is there a dead thing on my carpet?

Fatigue: Oh, he's my friend Gary.

(Sheen evil laugh and scream he was Gary is dead for blood screen with static)

Part 2

(That screen shows for bathroom in Fatigue crying into calling for police)

Fatigue: Help! Help! My friend didn't strange, and that morbid in...

(Sheen penis break the door he was evil red eyes and dark blue sheen or this red screen with static audience with Young Sheen sings for Little Teapot and black screen)



YTP Sheen's descent into insanity02:27

YTP Sheen's descent into insanity

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