Hello, my name is Tristan, I am 14 years old and have a little brother named Thomas. This month, it was Thomas's birthday. He was turning 2 and I wanted to buy a gift for him. I was searching on Ebay, when I found something odd. It was called, "NEVER BEFORE SEEN! BABY EINSTEIN UNRELEASED EPISODE! EXTREMELY RARE!!!"

The Picture that came with it was a picture of a VHS tape labeled, Baby Mozart , Bootleg Copy, Copyright 1999" in sharpie. The strange thing was that it was only 95 cents. I just struged that off as a way to get rid of it. I bought it and it came in the mail 3 days later. I gave it to him and he loved it. Until that night, something very strange happened. That night he threw up alot and he had a fever. So later my mom took him to the doctor and the doctor said the weirdest thing was, he didn't have a virus. I was very confused and shocked at the same time.

That next day he came up to me and said this, "Scary Dragon, Scary Puppets, scoop, dig, scoop". I was freaked out now, then it came to me. In the Creepypasta "Thomas and the Children". That little kid got shocked because the VHS Tape was a demented episode! I ran upstairs and popped the VHS in the VCR and what I saw scared me for life.

It started out with about a minute of static, which was odd because the tape looked perfectly new. When it went to the opening, some things were off. The pitch of the music seemed lower and a little faster then normal, and the caterpillars smile seemed a little more big, but still normal After that it went to the copyright warning which was the same as every other Baby Einstein video and then it just cut to Bard the Dragon just staring at the screen with a very weird look on his face, this went on for about a minute. Then the screen started glitching insanely, even the background started changing to color bars.

After that, it cut to some different toys and a fish bowl slowly moving and changing with weird reversed music playing. After that things got very strange. There were noises of a baby crying while a real life video of race car crash played. Then is cut to black for about 30 seconds suddenly it cut to the turtle from what looked to be from baby neptune with no eyes just looking at the screen for about 10 seconds and then it cut to a Raggedy Ann doll with video glitches going everywhere.

Then it went to the credits which were playing in reverse with weird distorted sounds instead of music. For a few split seconds, I could have sworn I saw Bard staring at the camera like he was in the beginning. Its like Bard is stalking me or something. The rest of the tape was Static, Color Bars, and again alot of stacic I had no idea what the hell that was even about, it made no sence what so ever.

Anyways, I threw it outside my window and then I lit the tape on fire to make sure it was completely gone.

(Update) I actually got in touch with the seller via email and asked the seller where he got the demented episode. The seller said his dad got it from Julie Clark herself back in 1999. He told him "Please burn this tape I don't want this shit in our building ever again!" The seller was very confused, because he had never acted like that towards him. Eventually, the seller found the tape not long ago in the basement of his house and out of pure boredom, decided to watch the episode without thinking twice, and he started to act very stangeley too just like Julie. Thats why he was selling it for a cheap price, because he just wanted to get rid of it! I have to go now, I think bard is stalking me.

Trivia Edit

  • The real life car crash is Darrell Waltrip's car crash in the 1991 Pepsi 400. ESPN owned the clip while it does not relate to Baby Einstein but rather NASCAR. ESPN and Baby Einstein are now both owned by Disney and it still owns the rights to both.
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