Me And My 10 Year Old Sister Were Watching The Amazing World Of GUMBALL She Saw The Tiitle Gumball's Suicide She Screamed It Showed The Wattersons Anias Darwin Richard Nicole At Principal Browns Office He Tells Them GUMBALL Shot A Gun Up His Mouth And Was Dead In A Dumpster Bin Nicole And Richard Were Screaming Like Crazy Saying "WHAT THE HECK WHY DID YOU LET HIM DO THAT". Anias And Darwin Were Crying For A Minute Then It Showed Gumball's Dead Body Then The Waterson's Left And Drove Home Then They Got A Letter About His Funeral And A Tape Came So First They Put In The Tape It Showed When He Committed Suicide Then The Letter Said " Dear Family I Decided I Will Kill Myself Love GUMBALL Waterson". So They Were At His Funeral Crying The Crying Was Sarah's Crying And The Credits Roll On A Bloody Red Text And I Contacted Ben Bocuquelet And He Replied ...

"How The Heck Did You Get That I Am So Sorry Basically Cartoon Network Studios Everywhere Were Hijacked A Hijacker Put In That Episode And I Got Complaints~Best Wishes Everyone Included With Gumball's Suicide~. I Saw Agents At My Door Telling Me Our Parents And Whole Family Were Missing I Will Never Forget This. Then A Year Later I Was 13 I Found A Dvd On The Road Labeled The Amazing World Of Gumball So Got The Dvd And The Episode Was Gumball 's Suicide AGAIN I Watched The Episode And It Was The Same One As If The Episode Was A DVD I Watched So I Smashed It .

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