Hanging gumball
Note: this may have some identical things that are in other creepypastas. So no being a b.... and saying "You copied"

It all started when me and my 10 year-old sister were watching "The Amazing World Of Gumball". She saw the title named "Gumball's Suicide". She screamed.

At the start of the episode, The Wattersons appear to be in Principal Brown's office. He tells them that Gumball shot a gun up his mouth and was found dead in a dumpster. Nicole and Richard were screaming hysterically, saying "WHAT THE HECK! WHY DID YOU LET HIM DO THAT?!". Anais and Darwin were screaming as well. It then cut to Gumball's dead body. The Wattersons had left and drove home. Then, they got a letter about his funeral and a VCR tape. First, they decided to view the tape. It was a video of Gumball killing himself, shooting the gun, aimed into his mouth, pointed upwards towards his brain. Distraught, they opened the letter, which read: "Dear family, I decided I had to kill myself. The world will be much better without me. ~Gumball Waterson." When it cut to them at his funeral. You could mainly hear the sounds of people crying and screaming hyper realistically accompanied by an organ playing the funeral march. Then, the credits began to roll. Nothing much, they played against a rich, blood-red background in pale text, almost as pale as Gumball's body. Of course, I had to ask Ben Bocquelet, the creator of The Amazing World Of Gumball, and this was his reply:

"How the heck did you find that? I am so, so sorry. Basically, Cartoon Network Studios was hijacked. A man played that episode worldwide, and shocked parents kept writing to me, saying their kids were left sobbing, almost insane after watching. Again, I sincerely apologize.

~All those involved in Gumball's Suicide

I saw odd agents at my door the next day, telling me that my entire family went missing. Then, a year later, I found a DVD on the road, labelled something like "The Amazing World Of Gumball" so I picked up the DVD, and got home and watched it. The episode was again, Gumball's Suicide. I watched it again, and it was the exact same exact copy of the one that aired a year ago. I was so upset, I crushed the disk and put the pieces into a fire. What really scared me though, was the sound it made while melting - almost a full-on scream.