I was watching TV, when it said that a new episode of The Amazing World of Bale will be airing on Nickelodeon. It started off with the title card, which read: "THE AMAZING DEATH OF BALE". I was kinda freaked out. I mean, the earlier episodes never mentioned death. Maybe it's a morbid joke, I thought as the episode began. Bale and Dale were playing with their kites, and it accidentally landed in their mom, Callie's soup she was making. Instead of taking it normal, she was EXTREMELY pissed. She grabbed a knife, ran towards Bale, and began to stab him repeatedly. All the while, Bale was screaming for Dale to help, but Dale didn't know what to do.

It cut to another scene, a funeral scene, showing Bale, Callie, Louie, Spongebob, SwaySway, Harvey Beaks, Homer, Bart, Darwin, Gumball, Dale, Buhdeuce, Fee, and Foo crying near Bale's coffin. It got more louder as the coffin lowered slowly into the ground. After that, it cut to black for 5 minutes, before cutting to Dale hanged with a noose. His skin was a pale blue, and his eyes were black holes with blood leaking out. Callie and Louie come into the room, and start to scream their heads off. Blood was dripping from their soulless, black holes for eyes.

This scene reminded me of the scene from Max and Ruby 0004, when Max commits suicide and Ruby walks in him, and starts to scream... The parents look at each other, baffled at their son's suicide, and put the noose around their necks.

Then it cut to another funeral scene, similar to the last, but without Dale and his parents. All of the characters had hyper realistic eyes (the same eyes from Red Mist Spongebob), and were crying blood, while heavy metal music was playing (the same from the Squidward's Suicide ORIGINAL video).

Then, it cut to the credits, except in reverse. I was shocked. I could of never expected something like this, out of a The Amazing World of Bale for that matter. Since this incident, I had to go to therapy all week. But after that, I felt better and the episode was out of my mind.

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