I found this on YouTube. It contains horror scenes and gore of all the people getting attacked by things such as scratching mans, couch movers, flying plushies and metal swords.

It was not to be the test. It was just the video by the old version of Windows Movie Maker. Everyone had deleted all the videos by any channel on YouTube until 2007. But I founded the video called Test. It was the video by the channel called Unknown. The Flash animation in this video looks really, really real which is named Real Life. It was just a very longer minute video of the television clip from every TV show from the earlier 70's. It showed all the family getting killed by villains. They were named A Bug's Life Toy, Dead Bart, suicidemouse.avi and many more. It was in super bad quality. It's very dark. The animation is very choppy and its even worse than the early hanna-barbera or jay ward's animation.

It looked more bad than the other ones that were videos, images and more and the video is higher to nightmare even for every fan and it was very nightmarish than the Golden Book Video Space logo. 

What's so creepy about the video is that the humming sound was heard from the closing Golden Book Video logo and some blood splatter sounds and the distorted dark theme.

Let's tell all about the creatures in the world, The creatures were from every Creepypasta a few years and they were very evil. It ended with TV static and the video ends.

I had horrible nightmare of that video. It was all the images from the video.

I was trying to go to sleep but I dosen't. I try to shout everyone but I cannot stand this.

I wish he scared me and give me more nightmares.

Then I went to Videos and look for Test. But it was still here.

So, I clicked it and watched it.

The video was saved by me.

It was very creepy and I notice the white noise in a end is very noisy.

I then need to go because its the tails and gree guy doll staring at me and I had to let them in.

There's an message in my laptop. It was the Notepad file. It read Gree Guy and Tails Dolls are following you...

So I then went to Videos again and delete Test.