"This story has similarities with "Shrek: Director's Cut" creepypasta. I just wanted to point that out before people go " YOU JUST COPIED SHREK: DIRECTOR'S CUT CREEPYPASTA". And also, this only made up. This really isn't supposed to scare you anyway. I made this just for fun. ^-^"

The Pasta

I remembered recently from my friends about director's cut of the film, and I started looking for it. I tried contacting the people who worked on the film, via emails or phone calls, but I never got a response or I only got an answering machine.

My last resort was contacting Ben Jones, the person who directed Teen Titans Trouble In Tokyo. I managed to get on a Skype interview with him, and I asked him general questions like "Where did you get the idea for this film?" and "What did you think of the finished film?" and whatnot. So when I finally asked him about the purported "Director's Cut", he just fell silent. I could see his face going pale. He proceeded to tell me, "Oh, please. I don't think you should look for it. Sorry." He hung up the call right then, and I just sat at my desk, confused. I went to bed.

The next day, I tried emailing Mr. Jones about the Director's Cut, in an attempt to find out more. I managed to get a response exactly forty-five minutes later! The email said: "I'm not sure if seeing it is a very good idea, but I'll let you have it, as long as you give me your address so I'll be able to send it to you. Just like everything else you see, the following that you will see in this will definately become one of your permenant memories." I was unsure if I really wanted to see the Director's Cut at this point, but hey, morbid curiosity got the best of me. So I sent back another email with my address and a "thanks".

About a week later, I received a package from Mr. Jones himself. It was the Director's Cut DVD... strangely it had the exact same design as the regular Trouble in Tokyo DVD. I was so overjoyed, I grabbed my DVD player, went to go get some popcorn and some lemonade, then I put in the disc, sat down, and was ready to watch the director's cut. Little did I know, my dreams of this film were yet to be crumbled (well, pretty much) when I pressed the play button. Oh, no. I've never should have done that, but since this got the best of me because of that I'm a Teen Titans fan, I actually did.

If only I would take that back.

Well, the intro of the film was different. You know, where there was traffic and these blade things (Can't remember the names) attacked them? Well, the shot just... stays there. It just froze on the cars. The camera didn't move at all. You couldn't even hear the voices. It was just total silence. Strange, but I didn't care.

After about two minutes, it cut to the scene of the Titans fighting the slime monster...Hmm, this appears to be pretty late in the film. Again, it was dead silence. It cut to static for about three minutes, but again it was silent. The weird thing is that I could make out some sort of video in the static...

It looked like Beast Boy standing over Raven. He transformed into a Bear , ripped her chest and ate her guts. Revolting! I nearly vomited, but after the video clip ended, the film cut to the scene where Robin and Starfire were sitting on the rooftop, but again it was silent.

It soon got to the scene of where Robin and Starfire were about to kiss, the screen fades into static. This time there was no hidden video thankfully, and it was just regular static. It cut to the shot of Starfire flying away crying. However the scene went on longer than I expected...

It showed Starfire flying to a gun shop and buying a gun, then she put the gun in her mouth and pulled the trigger. She fell to the ground as Light blue blood splattered all over the floor. I was deeply hurt by this, Starfire is one of my favorite characters!

It then cut to the Titans fight that slime monster again, and Starfire somehow came back. They won, but the scene went longer then i expected again.

The Titans walked into an alley, and Robin threw a can of tuna in the air. So i said "What's going to happen, the Mighty Eagle gonna kill them?!

Then out of nowhere, the Mighty Eagle cried, except it was so loud, i had to turn down my volume. The the Mighty Eagle came down and crushed them and blood splatted over the alley walls and the camera. At th same time the Eagle crashed down, there was a loud boom outside.

I paused the movie and looked outside. I saw a hole in the street, and in the hole was a Mighty Eagle Plush covered with red and light blue liquid, on closer expection, i noticed both of the liquids were blood. I took the plush inside and resumed the movie, and the movie was over.

Instead of the credits rolling, there was just a black screen, with the Giygas theme playing for 30 seconds. I took out the disc, and shoved it into the DVD shredder. Hasta lavista!

I am NEVER gonna buy any of the bootleg discs like this. I had nightmares about the disc for almost a week. But at least I'm still a total Teen Titans fan much like everyone else. The original movie aired on ABC Family one day. As I sat there for 25 seconds, there was a whisper behind me:

"Play with me..."

I turned around and it was a Starfire plushie, with red eyes, smiling.

I grabbed it, threw it out the window, and shouted at her, "Leave me alone! I have no time to play!"

If you ever see a copy of the director's cut DVD, for the love of God, JUST DESTROY IT! AAAAARGH! >:(

I also still have the Mighty Eagle plush, and I kept the samples of blood.

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