Ever heard of General Mills Toons? It ended recently in December 2014, and fans have been bitching and complaining. So, it was up to the company, who made the first series, to whip up another one. They named it Team General Mills GO! it featured the redesigns of Jake, Tricks, Chip, Sonny, Honey Drop, and Orange. Of course, they teased the revealing of Honey Drop being in it, in commercials as the mystery character. But, in reality, it was something else, something much sinister.

Now, I know what your thinking, it isn't released yet. But, it was aired in different countries earlier, and it was released on torrent sites across the USA. 

I happen to come across one of the torrent, it was deep in the deep web, under the name "". I managed to uncode it and to my surprise, a video file and a .txt were included. I first opened the .txt and it read:

This is the first episode of Team General Mills GO! It was actually banned in some countries, watch at your own risk!

I thought this as strange, as General Mills wouldn't make something that disturbing? Would they?

Anyways, I continued to open the file, which was a AVI file. It showed Jake, in his redesigned form, on a motercycle. He drives really fast, and eventually bumps into a tree, causing his leg to dislocate itself. Jake cries for help, but no one heard him, but then Orange came, his redesign was weird. It looked like Evil Flippy from HTF, except with sharp fangs. He grabbed Jake's leg and cracked it, which made Jake scream. Orange began to stomp on his leg in, of course, a cartoony style, but still very disturbing. 

Jake woke up in the hospital, and tried to do his air-fist like at the end of the promo on TV, but failed and cracked his leg even more causing it to break in half. Jake yells for help, he spots a gun on the night stand and puts it into his mouth and blows a hole in his head. 

The last 5 minutes, are of Jake, lying on the floor bleeding.

It cut to a black background with text, saying:


I was shocked at what I saw, and decided to get some sleep. 

The next day, I woke up, and took a shower. Until I noticed a note was slipped into the shower, I picked it up and it read:


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