There's a great reason for Leap Frog's characters to go defunct in 2008, it was because one animated short called 'Tad's Suicide', it was made by Andrew Skinner, who had recently created Squidward's Suicide in 2005. It started off as any other day for me. I was online, doing nothing active. I was then taken to Ebay, where I was browsing Call of Duty games, like normal. That's when I found a DVD, with the labeled ripped off. It had no title and the shipping was stated to free, me being me, I bought it.

It came in the mail, and I was excited that it came earlier than I expected. It was... odd, I don't remember it saying 'Tad Suicide' but, I shrugged it off. I quickly went upstairs and inserted it into a random DVD player. It played...

It showed Tad, in his room. There was a bit of dialogue in this scene, but no talking. But, 'subtitles on' said there was:

Tad: "I'm so excited to visit the Letter Factory again!"

Leap: "Tad?"

Tad: "Leap? What is it?"


Tad began to cry and ran back into his room.

Tad: I'm sure Quigley needs me, more than ever...

He began to laugh like a crazy person and went down to the kitchen and grabbed a knife and headed back upstairs. It faded to black, and I could hear cries for help, as crazy as it sounds. It faded into Leap's room and blood everywhere.

The episode itself faded outside the room. The camera panned down from pointing up at the sky to Quigley and Tad sitting under a tree. Instead of the normal happy, or at least neutral, expressions on their face, there was a terrifyingly sinister look on Quigley's face, (which creeped me out so badly, I couldn't look for very long) and a look of absolute pain on Tad's.

Tad: "You think, they'll find out?"

Quigley: "No, because I'm going to kill you."

Quigley took out a knife and stabbed Tad five times in the chest. The screen faded to black, I heard more cries for help. The movie apparently ended there.

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