It was a normal summer day . I was at Blockbuster getting some DVD's I found a DVD called "TELETUBBIES EPISODE X". So I bought the DVD the old man at the checkout desk he said "I wouldn't buy THIS DVD because ... well my children made it as a prank". So I said I'd buy it because it looked normal so I took the DVD home for my twins it started out with the sun smiling but it was doing a evil smile and told us "IM GONNA FIND YOU AND KILL YOU ALIVE"! The Episode Tittle was called "EPISODE X TELETUBBIES DEATH". It showed all the Teletubbies at a table crying the red one stabbed everyone with a knife through their hearts .Then the red one hangs them on nooses in the corners of the house. Then it shows the Teletubbies parents wich has never been shown in the show slightly worried then they commit suicide . Then it cuts to static then it cuts to a picture of the Teletubbies faces all mouths and the sound from suicidemouse.avi then I fainted and the episode ended I woke up the DVD was in its case the TV was turned off I was forced to call the police They arrived just in time I told them about the DVD they were shocked I gave them the DVD They told us they were going to hold a investigation. So we moved into a apartment 3 roomed 2 bath 1 living and 1 kitchen apartment. One day we decided to drive to see our last house . All it was ashes and a … well the Teletubbies hill with them running to get us and the sun. The only way out of this life it suicide. If you see a copy of this DVD stay away from it.

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