Day 1: There is a show that my sister likes called "TUFF Puppy", she made a spinoff of it. I was on Domo Animate making Idiom Comics episodes, but she made the first episode. "Funky Beat" was playing, also representing the intro. The title card said "NOTHING" and "Action" was playing. Then, the episode cut to T.U.F.F.'s headquarters, but the headquarters were all rusty. Then we cut to inside the HQ, with Chief as his pint-sized self, Dudley hiding behind a bedsheet, and Kitty, holding a knife about to kill Keswick. After Keswick was murdered, we cut to Verminious Snaptrap, about to put The Chameleon in a shark tank, with Verminious Snaptrap saying on a speech bubble "SO LONG, CHAMELEON!"

Verminious Snaptrap putting The Chameleon in a shark tank.

 Then, it cut to Bird Brain murdering Jack Rabbit with his Whirly Bird machine. So i went ahead and reported the animation, went back to making my Idiom Comics epiodes, and i'll be getting research from this.

Day 2: After making Two Heads Are Better Than One, The project was updated. I saw that everything was normal, but the "Scary Nurse" sound effect was playing non-stop.  We cut to T.U.F.F.'s headquarters in the middle of a ceremony, just like in Thunder Dog. Chief was not there, nor was Kitty or Keswick. Dudley was there all alone. T.U.F.F. was about to get wrecked, when Dudley got murdered. Then, a bloody picture of Keswick was there, non-stop also. The picture also had a subliminal with the Klasky Csupo logo from Rugrats Lost Episode.avi, with Keswick having bloodshot eyes. 

The bloody picture of Keswick.