This is a finished version of the pasta by loveboy01 on Deviantart.

Hello. I am sure you have all heard of Super Mario’s Wacky Worlds, a cancelled game for the CD-i . Despite the beta footage and Roms, it was not a happy game. It was a dark game.

The beta footage is not real. The Roms are not real.

I downloaded a file that was sent to my email address. . He claimed to me “super marios wacky worlds is now a rom!” in the emails body, and in the subject it said “Wacky worlds”.

Attached was a file named “wacky.cue”, ‘.cue’ being the format for CD-i Roms. I opened it in an emulator. It had a title screen with a light blue background, showing off Mario’s standing sprite from this real Wacky Worlds.

Creepypasta super mario s wacky worlds part 1 by loveboy01-d56gb6s

What the menu might have looked like.

I clicked "New game" and  i was on Haunted House. Instead of hearing the Ghost House music, i heard a windy ambience, after completing the level I then got to a level called "You can't go back now!" I could only move towards the Right.

After going right for what seems like an hour, I reached a Koopa Troopa. The Koopa was the sprite from Super Mario World, unlike the others from the game. I died, and the game froze.

I sent the game back to the guy who sent it to me, then deleted it.

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