We saw that photo around here!

Have you ever heard of "Sonic's Nightmare"? Being a fraidy cat, I refused to watch it, but it took me a long time to find some Japanese stuff off of YouTube, and then I found this video that was entitled "Sunny-Chan! You Must Die!" (also known as Sunny Funny's Screaming Side in the English dub). I immediately clicked on this out of excitement and downloaded it. It didn't take me very long, and then my media player popped up. I gotta convert this into a VHS tape, and think that it was released by itself. I borrowed it to the founders of Fuji TV outside of my country, and started watching it. We didn't have time to waste, though.

The intro played as normal. After the last credit, the color started to turn into B&W. But that was so incredibly weird! So, then I witnessed a scary version of the episode intro with some G-Major version of the title card music. When we saw the title card "サニーちゃん!あなたは死ぬ必要があります!", we didn't think it more than just a regular episode. It began with Sunny Funny trying to find his friends, but there's something wrong with that flower-head's expression. So, she screamed as the screen faded to black. This happens for about 3 seconds before going back to Sunny Funny walking to find her friends. Again, still no music or anything. Everything from the rest of this with Sunny Funny was happened last time when I saw the very first airing of the episode "Is It Scary?".

But for the next few seconds, Sunny Funny looked again, not wanting to upset all of PaRappa Town. This time, it was an image of PaRappa being in a red mist, much more unlike this other particularly banned episode entitled "The PJ Berri Suicide Experiment", which I considered to be very awkward as the animation was drawn by a little kid. But then, PaRappa was back to normal. He stands there for about 10 seconds, and then fades to black again. However, it goes back to Sunny Funny finding her friends again, but it was different this time.

She peaked to see what PaRappa's standing there or not. Again, the image of PaRappa being in a red mist is seeming to kinda tick me off. I was so disappointed about what to see about the next minute, but that wouldn't even happen. All Sunny Funny does was to find her friends, that's all! Then, she stands there through footage of the video game PaRappa the Rapper being taunted by a single schnook. She starts screaming, more footage of death, horror, and unnecessary things happened for about 20 seconds, then afterward goes to black.

Finally, the episode comes to an end when PaRappa was finding his friends, and then abruptly stops, to see what was going on. First, he spotted Sunny Funny, the roaring man with green eyes, then a weird white thing. But however, the 3rd image remains unknown. After he screamed, he spotted a dreamless Sunny Funny realizing PaRappa. The episode ends with PaRappa screaming, then going to black.

Fuji TV was seriously angry about this, so they decided not to do this because it has something to do with horror and death. Maybe, it couldn't be produced entirely by Archiplex, a newly-informed animator from a part of my hometown, Reno. After doing it so, the episode got banned immediately. So if I had not done this, they'll hide it just for the good of it.

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