WARNING: Don't be like "HURR DURR YOU JUST COPIED SUICIDEMOUSE.AVI" It's just inspired by SuicideMouse.avi.

It all started with Pingu walking past 9 igloos. It wasn't the Old Pingu we love. The music is completely GorixGorix's Suicide Mouse OST

And then, Pingu's frown turned into a smile.

The Igloos started to break, and the snow on the ground started to Change color.

The sky started to get scarlet orange and Robby The Seal's grave is found.

The Music changed into the static noise.

The ground turned into the Pluto the dog's face.

Pingu's face turned into a Sad Exe emotion .

It abruptly zoomed into Pingu's face and Pingu was Walking on the ground.

And in the end, the chinese text read: "他妈的为什么做你看这个" which translated into "Why the fuck do you think this"

Just go watch other videos that aren't like that.

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