Ever heard of Angelina Ballerina From Sprout Right?

Well There Is A Lost Episode That Is UnReleased.

It Started With Angelina Walking Past 6 Cottages,Which Looks Like A Loop but Angelina Has A Sad Face With Her Head Down.

The Music Was A Banging Piano Which Is The Same As SuicideMouse.avi.

But It Only Stays For 3 Minutes Before it went to static Noise.

Then it went black for a minute Instead of of the black screen staying until the 6th Minute From SuicideMouse.avi.

When It Returned Something is Going To Be Werid.

A T-Rex Fapping Sound From SuicideMouse.avi Appered For 10 Seconds But Angelina Started To Grow A Smooth Smile.

Even Cottage Window Glasses Started To Get Cracked But The Fapping Sound Keeped Going For 20 Seconds.

After 20 Seconds The Blood Curling Scream From SuicideMouse.avi Started To Come Up.

Then Angelina's Smie Turned Into A Cheesey Grin.

8 Cottages Later,Crispo The Cat From The KP Skips Ads Was Seen At The Footpath.

He Has A Smirk Up On His Face And he wasn't doing anything.

Then Angelina's Eyes Started To Get Completely White.

And The Road Is Started To Get Cracked.

The Cottage walls Are Cracked Aswell And Crispo Starts Getting Black Souless Eyes,With red glowing dots and eyes bleeding.

And The Cottages Are Starting To Rot Away A Bit.

Everytime it shows up,The Screaming sound from Five Nights At Freddy's played Quietly.

And Random Distorted Sounds From Max And Ruby 0004,Squidward's Suicide,My Poor Stimpy And Fudd.wmv Came Up.

After That It Completly Showed The Fapping Sound From Before For 30 Seconds And Then The Blood Curdling Scream Then Came Again,Rarity's Screaming From Mlp Was Also Heard.

When it showed the Blood Curdling Scream,Angelina's Eyes Are Starting To Rot,Her Skin Head Was Getting Mangled,Her Smile Went Worse And Her Head Was Now Down.

The BackGround Faded To Black With Fire On It And The Cottages Start To Rot away.

I Also Heard Screaming From The Death Of Brother And Sister.

It Stayed For 10 Seconds.

Until She Started Walking Fast For 20 Seconds Until She Started Walking Faster For Another 10 Seconds.

And Then She Collapes Towards The Ground.

When It Happended The Blood Curdling Screaming Stopped,Staying Silent For 7 Seconds.

Also Her Face Is Starting To Go Black.

Then Slenderman Came Up With The Distorted And Demonic Kefka Laugh From Sonic.exe.

Then Slenderman Disapperead And Angelina's Face Is Now Rotting Away.

Then It Cuts To Angelina's Face With a Smile On The Right Side Of Her Face.

The BackGround Was The Mickey Mouse Face Version.

And The Broken Music Box Played From SuicideMouse.avi Aswell.

It Showed A Russian Text On The Bottom Saying "Why Did You Make A Point With It"

Then The Music Box Sound Then Stopped And Stayed Silent For 3 Seconds.

Then It Went Black For 5 Seconds And Then The Episode Ended.

I Now Think I Could Make Up With Side But It Scared The Death Out Me.

I Can't Even Think About It,It Still Haunts Me Every Night.

So If You Ever Come Over The Clip,Be Careful.

Please Stay Away From It.

Don't Make The Same Mistake I Did.

Doing Soon?

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