NOTICE: This creepypasta has similarities to The Murder of Geo Guy creepypasta.

Does anyone remember that show on CBS called Strawberry Shortcake? Well as a girl I loved that show, it was all cute and lovely right? Well in September of 2008 there was a lost episode that wasn't supposed to be aired but accidently was. This episode scared little girls to death and parents flooded to CBS complaining that this episode was to scary for their daughters, with the graphic content, blood, killing and many more horrible stuff. Well how did I find this out well I'll tell you.

Well I was on myspace when a user posted a link to a video that said Strawberry Shortcake Unaired Episode.avi. I was excited to see an episode of Strawberry Shortcake that i've never seen before. Man I wish I took that moment back. There were two files a readme text file and a txt file. I opened up the readme file and it read.

"This is an unreleased episode of Strawberry Shortcake [2003 series] dated September 2008 , This originally planed to end the series, and this was actually aired in some countries, watch at your own risk."

I clicked the txt file and the video played. At first for a minute the video was just a black screen, after that the intro played but something was wrong about it. The animation looked very rough like it wasn't finished yet, the audio was pitched down two octaves and was in g-major thus when the title card appeared there were flashes of unknown colors and looked pencil written. The episode was called "The Murder of Strawberry Shortcake" and it was written in blood red. I was shocked but I thought this was a morbid joke seeing how this episode looked unfinished. The episode starts with Strawberry Shortcake sitting in her house when the telephone wrung. It was from Blueberry Muffin and I could tell by her voice that seemed to be in a bad mood and desperate. She said "Strawberry Shortcake can you come to my house, I need you urgently," Strawberry Shortcake said "Well ok". Strawberry got to Blueberry's house and Blueberry said "Oh hi Strawberry there's something I need to tell you" She wispered in Strawberry's ear and then said "Wait what are you doing?" Blueberry said "Look there's a plane going down!" Strawberry said "Where?" Blueberry then said in a demon like voice "SEE YOU IN HELL." Blueberry Muffin pulled out a gun and shot Strawberry in the gut but seemingly still alive she said " What's wrong with you?" Before she was shot and killed, thus when she died realistic blood and organs splattered everywhere on the camera. Then she said "HAHAHA my first victim dead as a rock besides I actually never liked Strawberry Shortcake in the first place.

After that the sky turned from day to night but the night sky looked photo realistic. She then walked to Orange Blossom's house and knocked on her door. Orange came up and said "OH MY GOD BLUEBERRY MUFFIN HOW COULD YOU, YOU KILLED STRAWBERRY SHORTCAKE." Blueberry Muffin then said "SHUT YOUR DIRTY MOUTH YOU'RE GOING TO WHERE STRAWBERRY'S GOING TO IN HELL." Just then Blueberry took out a chainsaw and lunged at Orange Blossom. Orange Blossom's death was cut out and replaced with a black screen though you could hear her screaming as she died and she was killed by a chainsaw. Blueberry then said "HA HA HA HA oh Orange you always annoyed me, have fun in hell." For some reason Blueberry was red in this scene. Then it cuts to an edited picture of Blueberry with soulless black eyes and small red pupils. In the background I heard what looked like distorted rock and roll music playing in reverse, with screams from suicidemouse.avi and with some chainsaw audio. This scene happens for 20 seconds. Blueberry then barged in to Ginger Snap's house in which most of the characters were having a sleepover. Blueberry Muffin said "Ginger Snap and friends were gonna have a hell of a time. She pulled out a sword and slashed and diced everyone to pieces. It then showed their dead bodies and real like blood like with Strawberry Shortcake. After all of that she said "GREAT ALL THAT'S LEFT IS RAINBOW SHERBET MUWAHAHA." She met Rainbow Sherbet and killed her with a chainsaw through her stomach and said "GOODNIGHT RAINBOW SHERBET." Then she laughed but it was the Kefka laugh from Final Fantasy which happened for 3 minutes before it cut to static.

After that it cut to a scene where Blueberry Muffin was crying in a very realistic way and said "Why? Why did I kill my friends, they gave me a purpose in life they made me what I am today but without them now I have no purpose. I should just go and never return." She then went to the deck of a river, it was foggy and she pulled out a gun whispering to herself "I don't want to die but everyone is gone I have no point now. Then she put the gun in her mouth and shot herself. Blueberry's lifeless body fell into the river and drifted down the river which turned blood red.

The lost episode ended with a black screen and text saying "Everyone in Strawberry Shortcake and Blueberry Muffin died, the series is over goodbye." Then the credits rolled for some reason only listing "Writer Muriel Fahrion" thus it was silent and looked to be hand written.The video ended and I had nightmares about this episode. I learned a valuable lesson as well. Don't trust watching episodes of show's that have not been aired.