While searching at 4shared, I was looking for files that have the work "stick" on them, however, I saw an file which is called "Sticks.avi". I decided to download it and clicked on it.

While watching it, it was that 2014 Cartoon Network show, Sonic Boom, made by Sega. The intro played normally, but the colors are inverted, the audio is reversed, and after the intro, there's an title card. In this title card, Sticks was just staring at me blankly. As if she was staring into my soul as the words spelled “STICKS" just like that. Man, did they take the episode title “Sticks” seriously, I thought. To note, it had said it was written by Death.

This is where the episode just started, Tails is walking through the village of Bygone Island. Everything seemed silent, until when Sticks shows up and says "Welcome to your grave, sucker!" Why was Sticks like that? She was crazy and paranoid in the show. Then, Sticks pulls out an knife and stabs Tails with it, and blood comes out of Tails, not CG blood, but realistic blood. Then, Sticks starts working on something. She seems that she is planning to kill the others.

Next, it fades to an clip from "Unlucky Knuckles", you know, the clip where Sonic, Knuckles, and Tails are playing Gofaball, however, this clip didn't have Tails and the sky is dark. Plus, Knuckles has no eyes. When Knuckles says "You kidding me?! It has nothing to with my swing! It has everything to do with luck!", Sticks shows up and kills Knuckles with her knife. However, it cuts to black and you could hear Knuckles' screaming for one minute. After that, it shows Knuckles' dead body with no eyes. Sonic is pretty much shaken a bit. Then, Amy Rose comes and says "Sonic, I need to- OH MY GOD, STICKS! WHAT ARE YOU DOING TO KNUCKLES?!?!?!" Then, Sticks said "Uh, killing his body?" before Sonic could say something in an unknown language, but it was hard to translate. Then, Sticks stabs Sonic with an knife. Later, after she killed everyone, including Eggman, Orbot, Cubot, and the other robots, Sticks turns to me and said "Looks like I killed everyone. Now you are next!" and the screen fades black.

Then, I get to the credits. Before I delete it, I noticed one thing, "2012 @ Cartoon Network, Sonic the Hedgehog".

To my anger, Sonic Boom did not come out in 2012, it came out in 2014. Then, I decided to delete it.

Why would anyone do that? Also, if you see Sticks.avi in 4shared, don't download or watch it.

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