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February 15, 2014 was a average normal winter day me (Andrew) and my brother (Jon). We watch steven universe every day. Today was a thursday and there was always a new Steven universe episode on New Thursdays.

I loved New Thursdays and my bro loved New Thursdays. It was probably around 10:00pm and a Steven universe episode was on TV and I thought: Why is Steven universe on Adult Swim at 10:00pm. My brother woke up when he heard the theme play. Me and My brother were confused. I just gonna tell you what the episode was.

The episode started out with a blue screen saying "PROJECT 1 11-3-13 DO NOT RELEASE PROPERTY OF CARTOOM NETWORK STUDIOS" then the normal intro plays but it had a twist the music was different it was the regular it just had a sad tone to it.

The Title was named "The Ball". After the theme song and episode title was done it zoomed in on the beach house. Me and my brother thought that this was a new thing for the show. Steven was watching TV. He was watching Crying Breakfast Friends.

The Crystal Gems come back through the warp hole inside the beach house. They had this ball Type thing and it looked so unusual for a Steven Universe Episode. Steven Asks Pearl: "What is that ball thing?" Pearl replys: A Screaming Norb. Steven looks at it for a minute and his eyes looked so shocked. I have never seen his eyes so shocked. Steven then walks outside and he just stared at us for no reason. My brother was a little creeped out by this.

Suddenly it cuts to the beach house, the gems hear a loud scream, My brother was nervous at This point. When Pearl saw what happend she screamed so much lt sounded like a airplane next to us. Then Garnet said in a sad voice: "Steven... is....... Dead......." It showed a glimpse of the corpse it had been slashed so much it looked like a pile of bloody flesh with a torn up shirt.

After that it showed Pearl staring at the screen for the rest of the episode with weird noises coming from the background tears rolling down her face suddenly turns into blood... It shows Amythest for a second with her hair balck and covering her face it looked like there was a substance coming from her face. Garnet was looking at the sea just like a statue, All while pearl was starting at the screen with tears of blood,then her eyes disappear leaving only black holes as eyes. Then we could hear screaming and the background started to appear Blurry and the scream came louder and louder. This point we were peeing our pants.

It showed the corpse one more time and it's head turns and it zooms in and his face is so ugly. There is a Loud scream with his face in full view.

The image goes to black and a creepy Piano song is played for 2 minutes. Then it cuts to commercials. Me and my brother were frozen for 30 minutes and when we unfroze we just laid there looking at each other. What I didn't tell you is that I took a screen shot of the PROJECT 1/ 11-2-13 Thing. Our tv had a screenshot option for some reason, I will release that soon.   

Update 3/12/17Edit

Steven Universe Creator Said something about the episode from about 3 years ago. She said this.

Hello Fans for Steven Universe this message is for the people who saw Steven Universe the Ball. So I originally planned Steven Universe to be a horror type show and showed it to Cartoon Network. I originally planned Steven Universe to be on Adult swim but instead accidentally ended up in Cartoon Network. They seen it and about Fired me for it but they instead made me do the other Steven Universe idea so I did. On February 15, 2014 around 11:30 PM EST One of my workers Hacked the broadcast at that time and Aired the episode. Around 3,457 People saw it that night. He was quickly fired and sentenced to jail for 5 years. So the episode has been burned and thank you.

Well that's better to know.

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