File:GameCube - Menu Theme.mp3

I'm A steven Universe Fan I liked The Game It's called gem bound

Help me Delete me!! *cries* I like where jump the table flins in it

Out WHere I love this show next to max and ruby and sidekick

After That There's A mailman In the street putting something in the mailbox which i so left.

I paused the game and see what i got in the mail...but all there ever is

is a CD And a note as which the same as the creepy sonic game BUT anyways that's all i want to say for now.

No Wait I'm...I mean I'm Not Done Yet

Where It's From A Person Named Steve Which i Never Heard oF him IN years.

But this Is What He Wrote.


I can't take it anymore i had to get rid of this thing somehow berfore it was to late besides the max and ruby

episode called 0004

and i will be hoping you will do it for me i can't do it

he has after me

and if you don't destroy this CD

He'll come after you too

he's Too fast for me but it's not a breadwinners game

please destroy this disc before he comes after comes after you too

he's not even swaysway or buhdeuce

It's too late for me

please destroy the disc and you will destroy him

but do it quick or else he will get you


It's what he wants

just destroy it



Well That was weird but i looked at the CD But There's a picture Of Steven WIth Black Eyes Pitched

And blood dripping which come for the worse

So i had to destroy It

Then Steven Said


So The All Your About To Play This Numb Chucks Spin-Off

Don't play it

Play other things

It's for your own good.

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