The following are the diary entries of an eighteen year old girl, who was forced to flee from her home. She left the only the diary, and its contents follow her as she investigates a lost kids' cartoon, called Steamie N' Dewey.


What Steamie looked like.

Dewey edit

What Dewey looked like.

April the 4th

Dear diary, I have been searching across the internet for lost episodes and such like. I'm really into all that at the moment. I can't believe my luck! I have not only found a lost episode, but an entire series! The series is called Steamie N' Dewey, and it follows the adventures of a cyborg girl with pink hair, and her fat white ferret, Dewey. Seems okay actually, but then I haven't watched the episodes yet! I will update this ASAP, just as soon as I know what the series is like. Susan, over and out.

April the 5th

Dear diary, I was at a flea market today, and I found a VHS called Steamie N' Dewey: The Complete Collection. I was instantly excited, and asked the woman minding the stall how much she wanted for it. Her reply wasn't what I had expected: "Ten quid, at least. I never wanna see the damn thing again." I was surprised by this, but now I have the VHS and I can't wait to watch it! In fact, I'm going to pop it into my VCR right now! I'll tell you everything straight after! Susan, over and out.

April the 6th

Dear diary, this was the worst day of my life. In fact, I'm surprised I lived through it without losing my sanity altogether. That cartoon, it was horrific. I just can't believe that anyone would make this. Here is the complete list of episodes in season 1:

1: "Steamie the Cyborg"

2: "Steamie Gets a Haircut"

3: "Dewey Gets Lost"

4: "Dewey Comes Home"

5: "The Big Bad Rat"

These episodes were just horrendous. I can't explain it without going into gory details, so I guess I'll have to tell you everything.

In the first episode, Steamie is introduced, as well as her ferret, Dewey. The theme song is basically a cool remake of 2001: A Space Odyssey, but when the episode started, it was anything but cool. Steamie grinned at the audience with what looked like a forced smile. "Hi, kids!" she grinned. "My name is Steamie, and this is my ferret, Dewey!" She pointed to an overweight white ferret with strange red markings on his head, who was sitting on her shoulder. "Let's all say hello to him, everyone." Steamie smiled again. "One, two, three. Say, "Hi, Dewey!"

No one responded, of course. Steamie's face grew angry. "Hey, answer me!" she snapped. Again, no response. Steamie's face became darker, then. And she screamed at the camera: "ANSWER ME, FOR THE LOVE OF GOD!!! MY LIFE COULD END IF YOU DON'T! WHY DOES EVERYONE HATE ME!?" and with that, she began clawing at her eyes, actually ripping one out of its socket, sending her ferret flying. Steamie continued to tear at her own flesh, breaking her skin, ripping out her muscles, even breaking a few bones in places. It turned out that she was upstairs, because she staggered over to a landing, and fell down it, before lying still. 

At this point, the screen went black, and some white text which read, "TwO MoNThS lATeR." came up for a few frames. It showed Steamie limping slowly towards the screen, in some dark room like an attic. She made a mechanic clicking noise as she moved. She was carrying a trembling Dewey in her arms, and she smiled that disturbing, forced smile. She said something which still freaks me out to this day. "This is why I am who I am."

I can't update the rest until tomorrow, because I only just got the courage to write this down at half past nine. I pray I don't have nightmares. Susan, over and out.

April the 7th

Dear diary, I am now going to inform you of the second episode of Steamie N' Dewey season 1. This episode started out with Steamie looking at her reflection in a mirror. The weird part was that there was no sound. Like, at all. I checked my television settings to make sure they were working okay, and they were. Suddenly, something happened which made me jump out of my skin. A hideous face appeared in the mirror! Well, it was actually something wearing a mask that looked like a dead, skinned rabbit, but it was still macabre. The face began screaming unbearably loudly. "VANITY! VANITY! ALL! IS! VANITY!" it screeched, before instantly decaying, falling apart right in front of my eyes. Steamie just shrugged it off like it happened all the time. 

The next scene showed her and Dewey travelling through a city, but there was no one to be seen. The entire street was deserted. Also, it was the middle of the night, but there were no streetlights. They were just walking in pitch black. This went on for a few minutes, with a strange noise like a gale blowing in the background. Eventually, Steamie reached a shop which looked like something out of a horror film. Her cyborg eye lit up, and showed the shop window. It was full of dozens of broken, mutilated and decaying dolls. I almost vomited, it was so horrific. 

Steamie knocked on the door, and it was opened by a giant, human sized doll. I screamed. It was just too much. I covered me eyes and looked away, before grasping my courage with both hands and looking back. The doll held out a pair of haircutting scissors, and Steamie reached out for them, before the doll suddenly lunged forward and attempted to drive them into her skull. Steamie grabbed them and cut the doll's head off! When she knew it was dead, she proceeded to cut her hair, and before long it was real short. Shorter than I would have thought possible. Steamie looked at the audience with that forced smile. "Hey," she whispered in a perverted voice. Wanna see some...blood?" She held her hand out, to show it covered in blood...and puncture marks where she had cut at her hand as well as her hair.

If these are the nice episodes, I had better prepare myself for episode 3, because after that, I couldn't bare to watch it. I just memorized the names of the episodes. I hope I can withstand the next wave. Susan, over and out.

More Coming Soon!

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