Anyone who knows PotatoFairy93, Knows Stevie and Travis. It's a Comic about a duo (Travis Is a Short tempered man with a strong Passion for Model Railways. He is forced to have His idiot cousin live with him which drives him crazy. He tries to stay calm but if you touch his trains or bother him too much He'll get mad He does have a liking for Stevie, but rarely shows it and Stevie is a complete Dumbass) I became a fan of their comics(I always thought i can make my own popular series). While i was surfing through the guy's gallery, I got an update that said "!NEW! STEVIE AND TRAVIS COMIC!!". I guessed it was a new comic, I clicked on it and a file starting downloading (Not what i was expecting but... OK!) The file's name was "STABBYANDTRAVIS004" It was a .jpg. I opened the file, it was a LARGE! file. It took up most of my computer But, OK. It started with Travis playing with his trains, like normal with Stevie coming and wrecking the place. Travis was angry and had Realistic eyes and began beating Stevie with a wip, Stevie got up and said "LET IT GO".

Stevie grabbed the wip and starting beating Travis' ass with it.

"STEV (GURGLE) stop..."

But Stevie didn't listen... He took a knife and took out Travis' Brain and eyes.

Travis was dead, Stevie was now a demon saying "BAD TWIRP!!!" and flied away.

Leaving Travis' dead body, Alone... a Black liquid began forming around Travis, Their Victim to scared to move...

The black liquid then Ate Travis' body, WHOLE! 

The Comic ended with:

"Oen tiem acton wil bee badly" it translated to "One timed action will be badly".

After reading i hated Stevie and Travis, I took them out of my favorites and left the website.

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