This is a sequel of Spongecry.avi! When I searched for Old SpongeBob episodes at 11pm, I found the file called "Squidcry.AVI" by the following Finnish "Squidannen" I downloaded it, When it played, The SpongeBob intro was normal except SpongeBob got to play the flute, It bled and SpongeBob died, The title was called "Squidward Cry", The episode began when Squidward was walking sadly home, He sat on his bed, Squidward was crying, extremely hard. This was different from many Squidward cries, It was a real human cry. It cut to black It ended act 1, Act 2 began where Squidward cried & cried, After it ended, Instead of credits rolling, The text said "Your next" in Russian. I was creeped out and had nightmares for 2 days then my computer died.

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