This is a redone version of the pasta by PlatinumDrawings on DeviantART.

Oh the fond memories I have of playing Spyro the Dragon 1 on the Playstation back then... The sweet cartoony art tone with it's charm it's simplistic gameplay but above all I loved the Characters personality it really has a lot of soul to it. I even still play it now sometimes thanks to downloading it off PSN along with the other 2, gateway to glimmer and year of the dragon, but to me nothing tops the first game, however not too long back I had thought that because I had the demo version back then some of the dialouge when you saved the dragons was different. I seached around for my old demo of Spyro 1 (I am a very curious person). Eventually I found it along with my PS1 memory card and was excited to relive a little childhood... hey it could make all the difference... Oh if only that turned out the way I meant it... This... was very different from what I played as a kid...

I started the game up and well it at first seemed a little dimmer than I remember it ehh whatever, when the game loaded up I was greeted with a different intro than just the usual Spyro flying in and torching an enemy on the way with flame breath but when he landed I saw a flash of the waterfalls turning red for 2 seconds then purple 3 seconds after... I thought it was just an error considering how old this was. anywho I pressed start and Spyro had a very... odd... look on his face, like happy but scared, and excited at the same time and also maybe sad as he shed a tear...

The game loaded up and suddenly I was in the Artisans world I rescued the first dragon as he was right in front of me (hard to miss). But the line was diferent he said, "I'll see you in the next world..." the character animation looked a little odd too he was moving like he was about to smack spyro but then stopped, a little after Spyro said his usuall line "but what about Gnasy Gnorc (nasty norc)?" he then replied "...want *static* to kill you" ...Odd lines... I mean it's true Gnasty does want to kill Spyro but I don't remember seeing this dragon in another world. I then set off to collect some gems and free some dragons (the main goal of the game).

The Gems made the old unfinished sound they did but in higher tone it was kind of ear piercing and the gems seemed shinier more deep in colour too... and Spyro's movment was faster I then rescued another dragon called Silvus this time he said the old line I remember but with more added to it... "press the jump button twice to glide and... don't be afraid" Spyro replied "Of what" Silvus answered... "Falling from high mountain peaks, plummeting into prehistoric glaciors, crashing through rough terrain, severely painful... *staring up close* death." Spyro replied "....that" and Silvus dissapeared.

At this point, I questioned what is up with this game I doubt it is a hacked game this has been laying around for years almost all of my friends don't even know I have this, it's old, I remember some of these lines simalar but different. At this point I noticed the music wasn't playing, nothing and the walking and charging sounds were slower even though he moves faster, I even notcied that Sparx was gone, that dragonfly that indicates your health when he is gone you are a one shot kill. So I pressed on and found some enemies I attacked them by charging, they fell over but didn't go poof into a gem like they usually do they just lay there... as a red liquid seemed to form around them, it caught under Spyro's feet, he was tracking blood everywhere. Ignoring it and pressing on I saved another dragon by the waterfall, but the waterfall was purple, there was even purple goo on the ground next to the waterfall pond too... The dragon then said "Where is sparx? Do you care Spyro?" Spyro just stared with no expression or emotion but a weird blank smile... the dragon then said "You are no longer the same... you monster... escape now"

At this point I was just so confused that I paused the game for a bit, but instead of a transparent green screen with the options; Continue, Options, Inventory and Quit game... it was blue wavy static with only one option Continue and his lives were at 0. I came back a little later after recovering from a short headache I unpaused the game then I noticed on the dragon panel where you save them there was a small orb the ones where if you collect enough you get an extra life and Spyro was still making that odd black smile as he was somehow facing the screen I tried to move him but he wouln't respond to my controler it was plugged in alright...

Shortly after, Spyro began to move on his own, he grabbed it, not just walked into it but his animation grabbed it I then heard a soft whisper "whyyy...?" then the life jingle sound in an extremely high pitch tone. Again he ran off and collected the other orbs on the dragon panels with odd dialogue with each one "heartless..." "What happened to, you...?". The artisans world went empty and desolate, few bones where those gnorc enemies were, the sky was a darker purple, all the plants were burned, poisoned waters and more.

I tryed to pause the game then turn it off but both didn't work, instead, Spyro then faced the camera as the screen got darker and said without moving his lips or anything just that blank smile with no emotion in his voice: ...Leaving again? Am I nothing to you again? You like my personality, how cool I was... so why did you leave for what felt like forever, because of you I lost all of it. My emotion, My heart, My friends, even the dragon eggs are smashed. I am cursed to remain unfinished in this demo, no one plays demos anymore... I am glad you could see what I have become... a shell, a shadow of what I was.... before I go. The game then ended and it turned off. That was the end of my tale it showed me that... personality is something important, it's who you are, lose it... and you are nothing, to yourself... or anyone else.

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