Read Carefully, and read well.

I am a huge Spyro the dragon fan, I've known of Spyro for about 10 years now, I've always wanted to have every Spyro the dragon game, But for some reason I could never find the first game in the series.

I never liked to buy online, I was afraid people might steal my money or figure out where I live, so I kept looking store to store to see if anyone still sold PlayStation 1 games, I went on long trips to different cities and towns, looking for that one game to complete my collection.

On a trip to Orlando, when I was headed to an amusement park, I found a store that sold movies and old games, so I quickly went inside to see if they still had PS1 games, they had games for the NES, SNES, N64, Sega master system, Sega Dreamcast, And unfortunately they had PS1 also.

They had about 50 to 70 PS1 games all used, but I didn't care since I just wanted the original Spyro that started it all. I looked through all the games in the box that they were thrown in, and at the very bottom of that box, there it was, a very beaten up version of the original Spyro for the PS1, the cover seemed ripped up and burned, as if someone wanted to destroy the game itself with cartridge and everything, it didn't have a price.

It was just there, so I picked it up and gave it to the clerk at the store. he gave it a surprised look, like he didn't know he had the game. He looked at me and said to just take the game and leave. I was confused to what he had said, but I didn't complain, I took the game and went home.

When I got home, I quickly took the game out of its cartridge, to see that it was just a silver disc without Spyro on it or anything, and I was skeptical about the game, but it had to be the game, or could it have been something else.

I put the disc in my PS1, and the game started, the game loaded up normal, the title screen was normal, but when it started there was no cutscene and it started me up on the final boss, but he was already dead. It was a gory scene where you could see his skeleton and there was blood everywhere, and there was also a lot of fire around the area.

Which was very unusual since I have heard that there was little to no fire in the final boss. I walked up to him but as I reached his corpse another dragon appeared. He was completely black and had white stripes all around him, and his name was Death. He stayed there for about 3 minutes and then he said You're Next and then the screen went to black.

It stayed that way for about 5 minutes then Spyro was in water, but this water was black also, and he was standing on top of the water. There was an island in sight, so I tried to get him to walk to the island but each time I got closer, and closer, the island got farther and farther, until I fell into the water, and got a game over. Then the screen went to black and text appeared, it said Go Away, but I continued playing, being the Spyro lover I was.

When I was back to gameplay, I wasn't Spyro anymore, I was Hunter, which was weird because he didn't debut until the second game. I was in a long cave suddenly, so even as scared as I was, I trekked on. As I walked through cave I could hear screaming as if somebody was being murdered, I reached the end of the cave and I saw Spyro dead on the ground with all his organs completely out of his body.

There were flies around his corpse and there was a lot of blood, and without a warning the black dragon with white stripes appeared again but this time his name was NEXT. The screen went to black again and went back to gameplay in about 2 minutes.

This time I was playing as Spyro again but he was transparent. You could see right through him, it was like I was playing as his lifeless ghost. I was at the final boss again but this time there were about 20 dragons there, all were white dragons, they looked just liked Spyro.

As I walked towards them they started spewing blood. The final boss was still dead but this time it was just his skeleton and the screen started cutting to black again. But this time it went back to gameplay every 5 seconds, each time it went back to the game, there more and more white dragons spewing blood, there were loud screams in the background each time getting louder and louder, until the screen cut to black and text said:

"You Are In trouble now."

And so it took me back to the main menu screen of the game.

I quickly took the game out, got a hammer and broke the disc into as many pieces as I could, I smashed the cartridge too, I returned to the store for answers but the store was closed down. I asked a man how the store closed down.

"Oh some kid found a Spyro cartridge and had a stroke. After he died the shop keeper packed up and left the country."

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