Hello. This is my first creepypasta, originally posted on DarkSpyro forums. It's a bit cliche, and constructive criticism is most definitely welcome. Enjoy! (Or not.)

This began about a few days ago, I decided to take a walk through the neighborhood. As I was walking back home, I found a disc lying on the road. I looked at the front and it was a bootleg copy of Spyro 2! I was looking for a legitimate copy, though this held me over until I could find one.

I seriously wish I didn’t find it.

I popped it in my PS1, and booted up the old thing. It looked perfectly normal; The Universal logo was there, the intro with the Insomniac sign, and Spyro flying onto the ground in Skelos Badlands. I pressed start and made a new save file.

“…the fun begins…”

I managed to get through Summer Forest, however some things where weird. The screen looked considerably darker, especially during the fight with Crush. There was no music at all in any levels; just pure silence.

“…fun game, isn’t it…”

Throughout the game, I could hear very faint whispering. This started as soon as I pressed START on the title screen. Then it happened just before I got to Autumn Plains. I beat Autumn Plains and made my way to Winter Tundra. The whispering got extremely loud, to the point where it was breaking my TV speakers.

“I’m having fun…are you?”

“I’m glad you played this.”

“Now you will pay.”

I immediately lost control of Spyro, and he turned around, towards the screen. He slowly crept up to the screen, while the eerie whispering continued.

“I don’t forgive you.”

“You resorted to pirating."

“You won’t escape now.”

Spyro was practically touching the screen by this point. Then the game immediately cut to black, but not before a disturbing image flashed on the screen. My PlayStation started overheating, and now it was ruined, so I had to throw it out. I destroyed the disc with a hammer, to make sure no one else has to play this game. Then I remembered, that was the exact same disc I threw out yesterday.

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