hi everyone im just a normal guy in name is daniel.i love spongebob its my all time faveriote saturday i was walking to a caffe.i went to my table.a couple minutes later my girlfriend came.we talkd a little and went i was walking some guy came and said to me.

hey man want this spongebob dvd its free.

i said sure why not thanks.he left.when i went home i opend the box.and put in the was red and a little silver.i put it in the dvd player.and there where only four episodes.the names were patricks little secret.exe,patrick a little secret.exe2,patricks little secret.exe3 and patricks suicide.i tought

wasnt patricks little secret a or something.and patricks suicide maybe its just a joke because of squidwards suicide. i dont know.

so i select it the first started with season ones theme song then the episode title said patricks little secret in blood.the episodes animation looked like seasons threes cut to black.and the episode started with patrick watching tv.he started to cry.saying i can t do this anymore. he went to spongebob to play he looked a lot better and stoped crying.then it said two hours later.patrick said bye spongebob.when he went home he started crying again.then he looked at the screen hes eyes were black just black.then patrick went outside it said two hours cut to patricks house it was bloody there were naked dead kids screaming and the episode ends.i screamd.

oh god oh god.

i heard someone laughing and clapping.i checked no one was there.i started episode two.patrick was having sex with the dead bodys.he took a knife he cut off his balls and penis.then he grabed them and started to suck his own penis.he was bleeding.he eat his penis and was cut to black.then it cut back.patrick was wearing a dress.he looked like a school girl he went to spongebobs and said.

spongebob im gay i like boys.

spongebob said.

you fucking fat son of a bitch il kill you you bitch.

spongebob took a knife and stabed patrick.patrick kicked spongebob and ren to the said the end.i tought.

this is disgusting.and spongebob calling his friend a bitch thats just weird.i started the next episode.patrick was back home and there were more dead bodys.we cut spongebob telling squidward,sandy,and mister krabs and plankton.patrick was sleeping.they came in and started to rape patrick.first plankton put his little penis in patricks mouth and cumed all over patrick.patrick was screaming nooooooo stop please.then mister krabs put his elect penis in his mouth and hit patrick and he said.

suck it you bitch.

then squidward put his penis in his butt and rappidly raped him.then sandy took a dildo and put it in her vigina and put it in patricks mouth.then spongebob raped him patrick started to bleed the episode ended.i heard some masturbating.and the next episode started patrick had shootgun and shot himself.and spongebob came and raped his dead body for ten minutes and thats it.i called the creator of spongebob and he said.

we never maked episodes like that or even the dvd.he said sorry off what i saw.i went to sleep.and i heard something break i looked up what was there it was the guy who gave me the dvd.he was a rapist he raped me and stabed me and he left. i survived.i told my class mates what happend they don t beleve me.till this day il never watch spongebob again

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