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Hi my name is Max so far I'm 10 years old but this happened one time :

so I was in the living room with my friends Blane and jack and Blane was watching for new episodes of Spongebob Squarepants but jack found a episode called everybody dies and we knew it was new so we went to nick waiting for it to come on.

So 8 hours later we were still waiting but it did not come on, and jack read the clock and it said 4.00 AM and I forgot to tell the gang to go too sleep early while I search but a few seconds later it came on and I told them to wake up and they saw the screen and it played the original Spongebob theme song , but this time it sounded like the codename kids next door theme song instead then the title card came on and it showed Spongebob with hyper-realistic-bloodshot eyes staring at us and it said everybody dies like when we searched for it earlier.

The story begun with happy-go-lucky music as normal then it showed Spongebob and Patrick watching TV and it said pistols, shotguns, snipers, machine guns, we got em all only at the bikini bottom gun shop and Blane paused the TV and I was like what the ? when I saw it then we where like why would they have guns in a TV-Y7 rated show ? the Blane unpaused the TV and we continued watching it.

Then patrick begun talking, but his voice was in a Japanese accent and he said Spongebob that was the best commercial I ever watched and spongebob said liar liar starfish for hire like he said in a earlier episode, then patrick said that's pants on fire then spongebob whispered to himself fucking pronunciation and then went back to his house.

Then he went to his house and saw the commercial again and he kept saying it over and over and over again then he saw a poster that said bikini bottom gun shop and he did a evil laugh then I paused the TV again and I said guys what type of episode is this !? and my friends didn't like it ether but we continued watching it.

Then, spongebob said these following quotes to a cashier named Joejoe :

puppy Dog: hi welcome to the bikini bottom gun shop what would you like ? Spongebob: I would like a sniper Miles: why do you want a sniper Spongebob: to kill my friend Woody: ok that would be one- ow ! what was that for?

Spongebob shot jason with the sniper and went to his house then he made plans on a piece of paper and went to patrick's house

Then when he arrived, patrick loved it and he said hi Spongebob, what are you doing here at midnight ? then Spongebob showed his sniper to him and spongebob shot patrick in the stomach and he said still alive " Spongebob ? what di-I-d you do-o-o that fo-o-r ?" and Spongebob said for revenge and patrick died then Mr.seeman said Spongebob sqarepants you killed patrick star how could you !? and Spongebob said for revenge, because your going where he's going- to hell and his brother dr blimp sniped and killed Mr. Seeman , then eventually Spongebob killed jan jason and boomer and sir topham hat then Patrick said I've got one last victim to kill- plankton ! then Spongebob went to Plankton's house ( which is the chum bucket )

Meanwhile Plankton was watching TV and heard the news and the news said a killer bloodsqare is on the loose, and he is carrying a sniper, we advise everybody to hide ! this is the news signing- ahh ! he's in the police office runnn ! and Plankton got his gun ready and they fought off Patrack plankton killed patrick and his cousins and. Cheer Spongebob said to us if you are watching this , you shall die tomorrow at 7 pm and he turned the TV off

Jack, Blane and I were scared after the TV was off and we where like aaahhh! and we made a telephone call to jan joshin Spongebob's voice actor :

Jan : hello ? me: this is Max Giovanni, Blane windshield , and jack and we got a question for you Jan: what is it ? me: do you remember making a episode of Spongebob Squarepants called everybody dies ? Jan: of course I made a episode called everybody dies me: well what did you do that for ? Jan: I'll tell you why I did that the story begun at the studio and my brothers visited to get a job and they wanted to be voice actors and they told me to make a episode called every body dies and that's how we made it me : well why does patrick talk in a Japanese accent? Jan: that's because my brother talks in a Japanize accent me: well please don't air that on tv anymore or else !!! Jan: sorry but only my manager does that me: who is your manager? Jan: my manager is- owww ! bye Bnd mask: you shall die tomorrow by 7 pm mahahahahaha

We convinced everybody to leave , but they didn't believe us then we ran toward each of our houses , to warn our parents but they believe us ether , so we packed our guns in a weapon case with all our guns and find patrick in los Angeles for a couple of weeks we picked up are guns with our swords , our rocket luncher , our grenade , and our pistols and lots of other weapons.

Then we read the newspaper and it said mask THAT CARRIES A SNIPER IS DEAD then we were all pull of are guns , then we got a tape that said everybody dies then we shoot it it

Then it came back and it showed Jan and Jason show instead the end.

Edited by pumper4566

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