one time I was on my computer someone had sent a link to me it was a episode of spongebob I clicked on the link the episode started off with no intro the title of the episode was spongebob kill it started with spongebob watching TV Patrick came and knocked on the door spongebob opened the door and said WHAT Patrick asked him if he wanted to go catch jellyfish with him spongebob yelled NO IDIOT and slammed the door Patrick now had a depressed look on his face he ran home and sat on his couch Patrick now has hyper realistic eyes he shouted out WHY in then got a knife and started cutting himself he then threw the knife on the ground and then got up and left his house he went to go buy a gun for some reason it was nighttime now he went home and destroyed every thing in his house and then fell asleep he woke up in the morning and left his house he went to the chum bucket instead of going to the krusty krab he then went home and watched tv it then skipped to a scene where its nighttime again he then said its time he went and snuck in to spongebobs house spongebob was taking a bath he snuck into the bathroom and said HI he pulled out his gun and started shooting him spongebob is now dead he now has hyper realistic eyes again extremely scary and disturbing music started playing now Patrick looked at the screen for 20 seconds and said in a deep voice DONT MESS WITH ME

If you find a link to this episode, don't click on it and watch it.

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