I'm a big spongebob fan or rather I was. I will never get this of my mind. I once bought a Spongebob dvd. I brought it home and watched it. It began with spongebob slitting his wrists whilst crying. The screen turned black and he woke up in hell. He went trough it and saw various people in agony and pain receiving their punishment.He saw his friends Patrick Sandy Squidward and mr Krabs etc lying dead in a pool of blood.Then a hooded figure was standing before him.Spongebob asked him why he and his friends went to hell.The figure said because you needed to pay the price. the price to what SpongeBob responded. the price of the hidden evil in side you and everyone now you shall be stained in evil then suddenly SpongeBob turn toward the camera but he had no eyes and no bottom jaw his tongue was just hanging the episode goes into static and wait I got a text what is this I think this is Russian it says "Мы все скрытые зла и сегодня вечером вы будете платить за это." if someone will pleas translate this fore me I will love it.

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