Anyone remember that show on Nickelodeon called Spongebob Squarepants? Well, there was one episode that never made it. The episode was so disturbing that I had to tell you.

Parents flooded Nickelodeon about complaints that this episode scared their boys to death. It all started out with me searching for the Spongebob episode to download. But at the very bottom of the eighth page, there was download link. It's name was

I opened it and downloaded it. It took only for 30 seconds. Then there was the .txt file named "readme.txt", I opened it and it said:

"This is a unreleased episode of Spongebob Squarepants, dated November 23, 2013. The creators wanted to end the series this way, but the idea was scrapped. Watch it at your own risk. (WARNING: The episode that you are about to watch contains horrid pictures, blood and gore, killing and suicide, and it actually aired in some countries, don't watch if you're going to be scared)".

I closed the file and opened up a second file which had the more familiar name. It was labeled "KillerSquidward.avi".

The video began with the opening intro, but something was not right. The theme song was distorted and everything was red instead of colorful .

Then the title card showed up. It said in red letters "Killer Squidward" and the background was grey with blood all over as if it was a murder scene. I thought that this was another morbid joke. Anyways, the episode starts.

The episode starts with Spongebob playing with Patrick outside of Squidward's house. Squidward then appears and says "SQUIDWARD KILL ALL!". He then grabbed a knife and threw it to Spongebob's pants.

The screen went black. It then cut to the edited image of Squidward with black soulless eyes with red spots. You can hear screaming from Sally.exe with chainsaws laid for the rest of the sound, this stayed for 20 seconds. It then cut back to that same scene where Spongebob and Patrick were playing. But after Squidward killed Spongebob, Patrick says "SQUIDWARD KILLED SPONGEBOB! CALL THE POLICE!".

It then showed a video clip of a guy in a Squidward costume killing a little boy, his eyes was coming out of him as he was killing him, I paused to go to the bathroom to vomit . It then cut to Spongebob, Patrick and the other characters dead, Squidward is seen standing on top of them, again with the black eyes.

It then cut to Squidward having the eyes from Red Mist and Squidward's Suicide while there was multiple pictures of Rap Rats in the background. It then cut to Squidward saying "I AM EVIL SQUIDWARD!" in a scary Bowser-like voice.

Then the credits roll all listing "Writer: Stephen Hillenburg".

June 8, 2014: I decided to upload it on YouTube with comments, the first one said "OMG thats scary i'm never watching spongebob again" while the other one said "Holy shit that scared a shit out of me". When I returned, the video was deleted with the message, "This video has been removed as requested by Nickelodeon". I was freaked out.

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