Hi I'm Aidan and I'm writing this blog about a Series called Spongebobs Schizophrenia. In recent times, a tape has been discovered in the Nickelodeon Studios, it is a Betamax Tape with the writing, "SPONGEBOB SEASON 10 PREMIERE EPISODE." The episode is called "Spongebob's Schizophrenia."

According to sources, the episode starts in Spongebob's House. He looks crazy, and is saying "The shadows play with me." He then laughs manically. The strange thing is, spongebob's voice sounds like a demon's. Spongebob starts to ooze foam from his mouth, and he takes an Antipsychotic pill. The pill fails to work, and Spongebob takes out a cartoony pistol and kills Gary. His body isn't shown.

Squidward then yells to Spongebob, "SPONGEBOB, SHUT UP!" and Spongebob looks straight at Squidward. He says, "The shadows shall engulf you, mere mortal. Give praise to them or perish," and Squidward says, "Whatever," and returns to bed.

A time card appears saying "25 Past Midnight." With a strange sound in the background. Squidward is shown sleeping for nearly a minute.

Squidward wakes up, and sees a square shadow holding a chainsaw. He screams as the shadow revs up the saw. The screaming was like a

person shouting, not cartoon.

he keeps screaming over the sounds of the saw. The shadow puts the saw to squidward's body and squidward screams as he is being cut up, and blood splatters on the wall. Then he died, and Spongebob emerges from Squidward's door, holding his cartoonishy-severed head. He feasts on it, and laughs maniacally. He then runs to his house again and emerges with a pair of knives. He runs to Patrick's house.

He screams, "oH paTRicK! cOMe AnD pLay wiTh mE!!," as he stabs Patrick repeatedly. Spongebob then draws a pentegram on Patrick's floor. He sacrifices Patrick's corpse. There is literally no sound for this seven second sacrifice. Spongebob laughs again, and runs to his house. He is seen at a table with Squidward's partially-eaten head, brain exposed and eyeballs hanging out, and says, "My beautiful honey, will you marry me?," as Squidward's left eye blinks once, revealing he is alive, but slowly suffering and dying. His skin sheds, leaving only muscle and tissues exposed, and his facial organs and nerves snap and fall apart. His head is now nothing but a pile of random organs, and his eye blinks again. The bubble transition shows, and for thirty seconds, Spongebob is shown kissing the pile of organs, and putting a ring on it, inside of a Church. Spongebob looks demonic, and says to Squidward's organs, "I am your lord and savior, Bikini Bottom. Praise me." As the episode ends with Spongebob commiting suicide by stabbing himself in the heart, at least, that's the only point the contents of the tape are known up to. The episode was written by Jill Frances and Phillip Refkenski, and animated by a person named Jorges Pubenstein. The tape itself was watched by the Spongebob staff, and they were put into medical help right after watching. Reports vary, but it was said that when questioned, they all refused to tell what happened after Spongebob commited suicide, and when they were insisted, they still refused. No one knows WHAT those employees saw, and no one will ever know the full truth. There have been many attempts to find the tape, but no one has ever found it. The only things that remain are a few screenshots of the episode, and a possible audio track of the episode. The audio track lasts ten minutes, but strangely enough, after six minutes, the audio is merely a strange static sound, but at nine minutes in, a strange, loud, distorted audio can be heard.


Hi it's me again I haven't been on this for a while so nothing has happened to me after writing my first blog. I have been recently mailed a tape that was from "John Deff" I looked up this guys name and he is apparently a Worker at nickelodeon. I also got a letter from him.This is what it says.

"Dear Aidan, I have noticed that you are interested in this "Series" of ours. This tape contains the Episode you were talking about. The manager told me to burn the tape so I said yes and instead mailed it to you. Please talk care of it and don't tell anyone else about it. -Jeff"

I opened the box and it contained a tape called "Spongebob Season 10 Premiere" So I played it in my VCR.

It showed what I said for 6 minutes. Then after spongbob kills himself at the 6:24 mark it abruptly cuts to the Krusty Krab. It shows inside the restaurant. It looked so abandoned. Mr.Krabs was just standing there looking at a wall then he falls to the ground when he opened his office door. It zoomed into the door and for about a second it showed a image. It looked like a body. Then it shows the kitchen and a mountain of bodies then It cuts to sandys dome where sandy looked like she was gonna commit suicide. She does commit suicide by hanging herself. Then it cut to spongebobs house and cuts to his room where his dead body remained.

At this point it was at 9:01 when this loud Strange static sound played. Spongebobs body stands and turns to the viewer. His eyes were so Yellow and red. And his body had the biggest slit mark I have ever seen. Then he walks closer to the screen. When he was close to the screen he said this "Ha ha ha" Then a loud Static Followed then the tape ended. I put the tape in my safe and locked it and put it in my closet.

I'm gonna call "Jorges Pubenstein." I wanna see what he says about this "Series" so for now peace.


Today I got in contact with Jorges Pubenstein after 3 times of calling him which left me to his voicemail which said "Hi this is Jorges Pubenstein if you are looking for him then he is busy animating or something. So leave a message thank you." I left a message this is what it says. "Hi this is Aidan I was wondering if you can give me more information about Spongebobs Schizophrenia. I've seen the tape so please just contact me thank you." A hour later he contacted me At first he was crying for the first minute or Two then he said this.

Hi Aidan this is Jorges I'm the animator for Spongebobs Schizophrenia. I want to tell you I did animate that and I was Forced to. So this is what happened I was recently hired as a animator for Spongebob Squarepants and these 2 people told me that they were directors for a new Spongebob episode and they told me to follow them. They knocked me out and when I woke up I was strapped to a chair in a warehouse.

Those 2 people told me to work on "Spongebobs Schizophrenia" They told me the story then they forced me to animate it. It was hell on earth. A few days later they let me go. It was on February 17, 2014 when they hijacked it on tv. I seen the full episode and I couldn't go to sleep for a whole week."

I asked him about the audio and how it was loud and wierd at the 9 minute mark. He said this "The loud static contains screams and people getting murdered while there is static.

I said "Thank You and contact me when you can remember more information." Then I hung up. I will blog tomorrow or something bye.


Well today was a little interesting. I was looking up my Blog and it had 145 followers. One of those followers as Andrew Schizo. He is a animator and apparently he was one of the animators for the Spongebobs Schizophrenia Series. He emailed me saying This.

"Hi this is Andrew Schizo I am one of the animators for the spongebobs schizophrenia series. If you want to contact me here is my number *-***-****-***. Thanks."

So I decided to give him a call and this is what he said.

"Hi Aidan, This is Andrew. The one who emailed you. I wanted to talk to you about that series. I was 23 a fresh new animator out of college. I was thinking of studios to animate for. And the first thing that popped in my mind was Nickelodeon. So I contacted them to see if they we're hiring animators. Surprisingly they were hiring animators. So I got hired for nickelodeon. I was told by a Manager of the studio that I was gonna animate Spongebob Squarepants. I was so excited. On my First day I was sketching spongebob. The second day I was approached by Jill and Phillip.

They told me that they were managers for Spongebob Squarepants. They also told me to follow them to there office. I was gullible back then so I followed them. When they stopped we were at a Abandoned Looking Office. As soon as I looked at the office everything went black.

I woke up in a Warehouse with a guy named Jorges. They told me to Animate Now or they will kill me. So I did. There was more episodes we made. I have all of them but I will send them through a period of time.

I asked him if there was credits at the end of the first episode he said "Yes" and "I will send them in the mail maybe tomorrow." I hung up. That's all I needed to know.


Today I received a package from Andrew. It was a box. Inside the box was a DVD titled "Ending Credits" I immediately remembered the phone call yesterday. I put the DVD in my DVD Player and it cut to the credits of the Episode. This is what they said.













Then the DVD Ends. The credits had no audio at all which was sorta Wierd. I do have a question why is Steven Hillenburg in the credits?


I am still wierded out by the fact that Steven Hillenburg was in those credits. But I decided to give him a call.

CALL 3/22/17

Me: Hi

Steven: Hi

Me: Do you know Spongebobs Schizophrenia

Steven: ......

Steven: that...

Steven: Fine

Steven: So it was 2013 and I remembered that I hired 2 Junior Managers for my show. Well turns out that they were apparently "Black Market" Users. So one day I was called into my office by Jill and Phillip. They told me they needed me for a minute. Well it was WAY over a minute.

I ended up in a warehouse. They turned at me and said "Write Now." I looked down at the table and there was a Piece of paper and a pencil. They told me that they were gonna make a new "Series" called "Spongebobs Schizophrenia. I wrote the horrible story for them. A few days later I was called into my office again. It was Jill and Phillip but they had a VCR Player. They told me to sit down. So I did sit down. They put in a tape. Then they pressed played. What I saw was hell right in front of me.

Me: Yes I have seen that

Steven: Oh..... *Sobs*

Steven: I'm gonna go... My god


Well there I have it there is Steven's Story.


I got mail from Andrew. It was a box again and it contained a VHS tape called "Spongebobs Schizophrenia Episode 2" "Yes!" I said as I rushed to my VCR Player. I put the tape in and pressed play. It started out with a intro.

"Who has Schizophrenia"


"Who is gonna murder everyone?"


"Who are you gonna hail too?"


The intro then ended and cut to a Episode card saying "Spongbob Before The murders." It cut to spongebobs house then to his room where he was playing with a pattle ball with Gary. He proceeds to stand up and goes to his kitchen. Then he is shown cutting up some beef meat. Then he says under his breath "Kill" then proceeds to chop up the meat. Then he eats it and goes outside.

He is shown walking with Patrick to the Krusty Krab. Spongebob then says "Patrick would you ever kill someone?" Patrick says "No" Spongebob then proceeds to say "I have these voices in my head saying.... to kill people... I don't know why, but I don't want to kill I'm Spongebob Squarepants why would I kill I have been happy my whole entire life and this is what it had to come too isn't it a Sponge wanting to kill people then so be it for the love of fish I'm going nuts Patrick." Patrick says nothing. Then it cuts to the Krusty Krab and into the kitchen.

Spongebob is making Krabby Patties on the stove. Then out of nowhere a deep voice says "Do it, Kill them." This voice says it about 30 times I could be wrong. Then spongbob says "Yes, I will kill them all." A time card says "One Day before the murders" Then it cuts to spongebobs room with spongebob sitting there looking at the floor saying "I will do it" Then spongbob looks at the screen briefly and then the episode ends and cuts to credits.

I noticed something odd about this credits Stevens name was not shown.




I do not know why you guys get in my account and do this shit. So today I got in contact with tec worth.


Me: Hi, Do you know anything about Spongebobs Schizophrenia?

Tec: Yes

Me: ok

Me: Do you have a story?

Tec: Yes

Me: Can you tell me that story

Tec: Yes

Tec: So it started a Maybe 3 or 4 years ago at nickelodeon studios. I was a animator for spongebob at the time. One random day these 2 fucks named Jill and Phillip came up to me and said "Hey do you want to be in our new spongbob Project?" "Yes I said" so they took me to a warehouse with some other people.

"Come and sit down." So I sat. They told me in the ugliest voice. "Animate or you will die in pain." So I Animated this shit of a series. I wasn't amused when they showed me the episodes. Man I hope those fuckers are dead.

They treated me like a Black Slave in 1800's. They whipped and and .... Punched me. After it was over I quit nickelodeon studios and moved to a new location. Man it has been so long.

Me: Thank You, That's all I needed to know.

Call Ended.

Wow I can't believe it......


The photo you see above is the photo I took during the "Spongebob before the murders" episode.

It is funny of how I uploaded it here. I will talk tomorrow bye!


I got another episode today. It is called "Running the boys" from Andrew. It was a VHS tape. I played it on my VCR and clicked play.

It started out with the intro from the previous Episode but this episode had better animation. It cuts to Patrick's house where spongebob and Patrick are playing on they're new video game system they got. The game that they were playing was called "Fish Fighters" Then spongebob says "I am gonna beat you." He does. Spongebob laughs in victory while Patrick just sits there looking at the game over screen. Then it cuts to Downtown Bikini Bottom.

Spongebob is shown walking on the sidewalk with some groceries. Then out of nowhere some fish that look like 1950s gang members come up to spongebob. They say "Give us all the stuff." Spongebob then refuses This and grabs out a very large sword. Then proceeds to chase them. This goes on for about 6 minutes but it showed different angles of the chase which was really really odd. Then it goes to a alleyway with the gang members and spongebob.

Spongebob then says "Who's Up first?" With a crazied look. The gang members scream and it cuts to a view on the side walk not showing the alleyway at all. There is a sword sound. Then it cuts to spongebob and Patrick. Spongebob says to Patrick "What a day." They proceed to laugh and it cuts to credits.

I took the tape out in amazement. There was no gore in this episode I thought. But I do have a question again Why was there excellent animation?


I'm confused of the animation quality. I looked at the credits and Founded Stevens Name again my guess is that they forced Steven to animate with quality. Also I found a wikia Called "Spongebobs Schizophrenia Wikia" It only had the 3 episodes that I posted on this blog. I also got another Email from Andrew today this is what it says.

Dear, Aidan

I see that you viewed the 2 episodes I gave you. Well the one I'm gonna give you oh boy that is gonna be a treat. I'm gonna stay low till I mail you the next episode.

Peace, Andrew. Again what does he mean by "Treat"?


2 things happened to me today. 1. I got another spongebob episode and 2 I got a voicemail from an unknown person here is the dialogue of the recording.


Unknown: ................Well look who I found. Aidan. Well if you hadn't guessed it. It is Phillip that creator of Spongebobs Schizophrenia. I swear if you post one more thing I WILL....


Well I know it is Phillip now.

I got another Spongebob Episode called "Treat." I think Andrew was punning me. I played the Episode on my VCR because the Episode was on a VHS cassette.

The episode starts out with the intro but there is more dialogue.

"Who are you gonna kill?"


Then the intro ends and cuts to the title card. Then it cuts to Spongebobs Living Room where Gary and Spongebob and just sitting there doing absolutely nothing. Gary Meows in hunger. Spongebob realizes that he needs to get food for Gary. So he Rushes out the door and runs to a car. He throws the Fish out of the car and drives off.

The next scene is at a forest possibly outside of Bikini Bottom. Spongebob stops the car infront of a Tiki style house. He walks towards the house and it cuts to inside the house where spongebob is about to go into a room. He does go into this room and we are shown to fish who are sleeping in a bed. Spongebob grabs a unidentifiable object and runs to the bed. He puts it over his head and he thrusts it down before anything else happens it Immediately cuts to Spongebobs living room.

Spongebob is giving food to Gary. The food looks like mush covered in ketchup. I was grossed out by this.

The episode ends there and shows the credits. I noticed Tec Worth's name is not in the credits.


Nothing really new happened today. I got a voicemail from Another Unknown Caller. It was just static.

I found a website with info on the episodes. There was only 5. I have not viewed it yet but it. It apparently is called "Blood" The Description says this.

"SpongeBob goes to his house and finds b."

Also on the main page there is a phone number so I called it. It took me to a automated system and said this.

"Press 1 to Die Press 2 to Meet Phillip."

I pressed 2. Then a Man Deep Voice said "Hello"

I said "Hi" and immediately Hung up.

Go who knows who the hell that was but it did sure sound like someone.

Website Link:


Nothing new happened yesterday. It was April fools and I got a lot of emails from people who claimed to be the workers for Spongebobs Schizophrenia. I got one in particular from Nick Joons.

Hi. This is Nick Joons one of the workers for the show if you have time please contact me back. Thanks!

So i emailed him back asking him about the show I got a response about a hour later.

Here's what I know. I helped make 7 or 8 episodes. And a Episode for a Season 2. It was maybe 2013/2014 when we made this stuff. I have not got in Contact with the creators in years. That's all I know.

More info I need.


Sorry I have not posted something in a while I have been busy with things and you know how that is.

I got another Episode from Andrew Today Titled "No, No more" I played the episode on my Betamax System.

It starts out with the Usual Intro then it Shows bubbles then shows the Krusty Krab. It shows a fish ordering a regular Krabby Patty. Squidward says in a Unusual voice "Congratulations you are the 1 Millionth costumer here come and follow me for your prize!" It abruptly cuts to the kitchen were spongebob is making some Krabby Patties. The Patties have a more Orange color than they usually do which is odd in my opinion.

The door next to Spongebob Swings open and slams spongebob into the wall. "Ow" Spongebob says. "THIS IS OUR 1 MILLIONTH COSTUMER!!!!!!" Squidward Said. Mr. Krabs comes out of his office and says "What's going on?" Squidward says "We have out 1 Millionth costumer." Mr. Krabs then proceeds to get a smile on this face and says "Let's Celebrate" in a creepy tone. The door then closes and Spongebob, Squidward, and Mr.Krabs Circle around the fish with crazy looking faces. Then it pans out of the kitchen and into the dining area. Then Beating up Sounds play.

"NO, NO MORE!" The fish says. It pans out to outside were a liquid sound is playing and it does this for about 1 or 2 minutes then I cuts to credits.

I was not very amused that it was just another not blood murder episode.


I was looking up random things today on google like: Puppies,Dogs,Cats,Houses,Studios,Random towns, etc. Well I was looking for places near me from about 50 or so miles and I found a building that looked pretty abandoned but looked brand new. I decided to go to this building and oh boy I got a story for you yes siree.

So I arrived to this building about 30 minutes after I left my beautiful home. (Note: It is not that beautiful) So I got out of my car and walked to this building. The grass looked like it hadn't been cut in 60 or so years. I opened the double doors to this building the first thing I saw was a Receptionist Desk and some chairs next to a wall at the end of the room was a door. I decided to walk to it and open it. There right infront of me was a long hallway with many many doors. I walked down this hallway with many doors. The doors had names like "PRODUCTION ROOM" and "ANIMATION STORYBOARD ROOM" and others like them. I reached the end of this Wierd hallway and stumbled across a door named "OWNERS OFFICE." So I decided to crack the doors open and what I saw was say in the most fact creepy.

The room was like a big warehouse and very few lights in it was a desk table, a chair, and a ...........Person. The person was mumbling things like "Spongebob must continue" and "I will make more epi..." This person looked at me in the Creepiest face I seen. I slammed the door shut and ran down the Shitty hallway. I closed the double doors infront of the building got in my car and got the hell out of there I looked in my mirror before I was completely down the road and I saw the person looking at my car.

I think that might be................ Phillip.


One of the main questions I get is "Where did you find that info on the first blog?" Well it's sorta simple. I was searching up spongebob on the internet and stumbled upon a Wierd website. The website had a shit load of words.

So I read most of the words and they were about a show Called Spongebob's Schizophrenia. So I decided to make a blog about it. I abandoned it after 1 blog because of daily life.

I also got another episode called "Spongebobs Stories" I'm pretty sure this is the last episode for all 7 episodes? I played the episode.

The usual intro started but the ending of the intro was the kids saying "Kill All!" But I was not amused by that since the show evolves around murder. So it cuts to Spongebobs house where spongebob is writing on a piece of paper on a typewriter which in fact spongebob does have a typewriter if I'm right. He keeps typing for 30 seconds and goes to Gary.

"I wrote a story, now I'm gonna share it with all the people in Bikini Bottom" Spongebob Said

Then it cuts to the Krusty Krab and asks Mr.Krabs to read his story. He does. He screams and runs to his office. He then shows his story to Squidward. Then he reads it and melted into a liquid saying "That was..." Spongebob then leaves the Krusty Krab and goes to Downtown Bikini Bottom. He then shows his story to random people in Downtown Bikini Bottom. Most of them freak out when the read the story. Spongebob Questions this and retreads his Story out loud.

"I can't believe I murdered him" Holding his stomach. "What kind of person am I to murder my best friend, But it feels so good to murder people. It just feels amazing with their screams" "Oh well time to murder other people"

Spongebob then laughs and goes back to his house and writes some more stories and the episode ends.

Well I won't be updating this anymore until maybe I get some more Spongebob episodes. Till then Peace Out.


Why am I back here?, You may ask. I am back because I found something interesting on the website a few weeks ago. There is apparently a alternate episode of the first episode. Another one is that I have not gotten the "Blood" episode yet. Lastly there is apparently a 2012 Pilot Reel?

On April 8, 2017 at 4:33 PM I got a box from the mail saying "Reel" My first thought is that this was a joke but it was not when I opened the box. There sitting in a box was a 1930s reel tape and a projector. I was actually amused by this because I was fascinated with old things from the whole 20th Century. I found a Plugin for the projector. I put the tape in the projector and played it.

My first thoughts were "This is probably a old film" but when a fimiliar theme started playing in that old audio of the projectors I knew this was gonna go somewhere. A title card popped up saying "The life of Spongebob Squarepants" I knew this was made from the same people from the previous episodes but this episode had more quality animation. It starts in what is supposed to be Spongebobs house. His house is a box. Spongebob was sitting there watching his tv and said something. The audio sounded so blurry and aged that I though that I was gonna blow up.

Spongebob then gets off of his couch and walks to his kitchen saying in now more clear audio "Time to feed Gary" He opened a cabinet in his kitchen and what was in there was sorta unusual. It was filled with boxes saying "Human Feet" and "Bloody O's and "Death Food" These names I thought were funny bu when he fed Gary the "Death Food" Gary became pale and went unconscious. Did I mention that this was in color?

Spongebob is shown dragging Gary's body to the backyard. Spongebob Grabs a Shovel and Buries Gary. Spongebob cries for about 10-20 seconds and it cuts to the credits.

On April 10, 2017 I received a box containing 2 video tapes. One was called "Blood" and the other was called "Alternate" I decided to play Blood first. The spongebob theme plays and cuts to the title card "Blood."

It starts in Patrick's house where Spongebob and Patrick are playing a game. Spo gets bored of the game and leaves. It cuts to Spongebobs house. Spongebob is on his couch looking really dehydrated. Spongebob says in a old man type voice "I need.... it.... I NEED IT NOW!" Spongebob runs out of his house and to Sandys House by the time he got there it was already night. He opens sandys dome door really quietly and sneaks into sandys tree. Spongebob of course is wearing a bowl with water in it. Spongebob licks his lips and gets something out of his pocket while looking at sandy. "Mmmmm my tasty blood" Spongebob puts this object which turns out to be a needle into sandys arm and sucks some blood from her. It cuts to a montage of spongebob to the same thing with other people in Bikini Bottom. It cuts to a card saying "3 hours later" It shows Spongebob's Living Room with a pool filled with blood? "YAHOOO this is fun!" The episode then cuts to the credits.

Alternate of the first episode

I am not a big fan of alternative episodes but this one was odd on its own. I decided to play the tape after the "Blood" episode.

This episode doesn't even have the theme song in it. It just cutted to the title card which said "Suicide" It starts in Spongebobs room and spongebob is on the bed muttering to himself say things like "I must end it all.." He cries loudly for 5 to 10 agonizing minutes. He then proceeds to get a Wierd looking gun and well.. shoots himself right on the spot. He falls to the ground and blood splatters everywhere in his room. There is a Piano playing in the background while it shows a gravestone of spongebob then the piano music turns into a screaming person while the image gets disturbing. A hand pops from the gravestone and a image of a dead Spongebob appears. I got scared when that happened.

Then it shows his dead corpse running down the street and when someone see him they scream and run. Spongebob continues to run and runs into the Krusty Krab. He runs into Mr. Krab's office and says "Oh honey I'm home" Mr. Krabs looks up and says "What's the horrible sme-" Spongebob then proceeds to jump on Mr. Krabs and chokes him to death. Spongebob runs to see Squidward, But Squidward ran while he had the chance. The sky turned pure black and everything disappeared besides spongebob. "Its just you and me... Alfred." The thing that sacred me the most is when he knew my name. Are the creators watching this blog?

"Oh my Alfred you know we made this just for you" I was terrified. "Welp I better get going to your house." The episode ends with spongebob walking away. I can't go to sleep now.


I got an email from Andrew again.

"Hi Aidan, I'm gonna mail you a Episode that was inspired by a video game but it doesn't have them in it. Thanks!"

An hour later I got a package and in that package was a tape named "A bad night shift" I decided to play it. It had the normal intro then it cut to the Krusty Krab. "Ok boys I'll see you in the morning" Mr. Krabs says. "Ok sir!" Spongebob and Squidward said. They proceed to talk about there day and they hear a creak noise. "You should go check it out" Squidward Says. "Ok?" Spongebob says. Spongebob walks to where the noise came from and there standing infront of spongebob was a dark figure standing there making creepy noises. Spongebob runs back saying "Squidward Something is here!" They both proceeds to hide and the screen fades to black. Words appear on the screen saying "Tune in for part 2!" Then the tape ends.

I found another tape saying "A bad night shift Part 2" I will watch it tomorrow.


Part 2! Here it is part 2!

So it cuts to a time card that says "2:00 AM" then It cuts to Spongebob and squidward are hiding in the cash boat. "What is it?" Squidward says "I honestly don't know" Spongebob Said. Spongebob peeks up from the boat to see the figure standing next to the boat. Spongebob and Squidward Screams while the figure comes closer and static happens time then it is just static until it cuts to Spongebobs house where spongebob is looking at a wall. Spongebob turns towards the viewer with the same look from the pilot and the Episode ends.

I was looking on that website and found out there are a lot of episodes I didn't see so oh boy.


Today I got an email from an unknown user.

"Hi, I want to show you something. ***.****.***/*********"

I censored the website. So I decided to click on the website link, it led me to a website with the world download and I clicked it. I received a message saying "Thanks for downloading!" And then I was taken to a video.

This video started out with a title card saying "Evil Spongebob" Then I realized at this was a spongebob episode. The episode starts with Spongebob sitting on his bed and murmuring some things. He then stands up and walks downstairs. Music is playing in the backround. He proceeds to get a knife and looks at Gary. He walks to him and puts the knife on his wheel he didn't stab him but the knife was on top of the shell. Spongebob then stabs the shell of Gary. The screen the cuts to black while Wierd music is playing.

A time card appeared saying "March 16, 2013 7:30 P.M" I realized that this was the date before March 17th, the day spongebob Murders people. Spongebob is writing on paper which I assume he is making plans for his big murder. He says in a evil voice "Yes" then a calm normal spongebob says "No No!"


"No, I won't let you murder People!"

"Yes I will and no-one will stop me hahahahhahahahahhahah!!!!"

Evil Spongebob then proceeds to chock Calm Spongebob I could hear the painful gagging of the calm spongebob. "Finally, He's Dead" "No I will do what I have to do" Evil Spongebob Says It cuts to Spongebobs house with a time stamp "March 17, 2013 2:34 A.M." Creepy Music starts to play and spongebob doors opens and it immediately cuts to black. It shows Spongebobs corpse, his corpse comes up and looks at me. This is like the events of previous episodes.

"Why your you back?" Spongebob Said. "You should have gone back along time ago" He then jumps toward the screen. I could see those eyes again. "Hehehe, I will get you one day...." It cuts to the credits.

Why did I resee a segment from a previous episode?


Evil Spongebob is a spinoff of the original pilot episode. How do I know this? I was rewatching the episode and found a lot a similar scenes from the pilot on the episode. I don't know why they would rip off the pilot with "Evil Spongebob"

I also got a strange email yesterday.

"Dude, I live close to you I should like hangout or ......" This guys name is Matt. He would later become my friend.

Matt knocked on my door Andy I answered it. "Hey Aidan?, Are you that dude that makes the blog?" I replied with "Yes" "I need to tell you something." So me and Matt sat down on the couch. "I found that warehouse type building were the episodes are produced." I was sorta amused that he found the place. "I found a Shitload of Tapes in the place." He gave me 24 VHS Tapes with certain names on it. Most of them I watched but some I didn't watch. "I seen this Wierd guy too" He showed me the picture of Philip he is the same from the last time I saw him. He told me the rest of his story and left my house.

I do have a question: Why did he go into the warehouse were Phillip was?


Hi guys! The reason why I haven't been posting is because I have surgery soon so I will not be posting Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday. Thanks for understanding and I will see you soon.


Hi Guys, How have you been doing I have been doing ok for the most part. During the time I was gone I was researching Spongebob's Schizophrenia for a bit and this is what I found.

1. Spongebobs Schizophrenia was originally supposed to have 10 seasons but was lowered to a unknown number.

2. There is Apperantly More Episodes on its wikia

3. The Series has grown a I can't literally believe this but a Fanbase, I'm not even joking.

4. There is a total of 26 cast and crew members for the series.

That's all I have found. See ya later.


Hi guys, sorry for being inactive for awhile I have been doing things over the summer. So I'm going to blog again, because I received a package in a July that Haven't opened until now. It was another tape of that "Spongebob's Schizophrenia" series. Named "A glimpse into Schizophrenia"

The tape starts out like usual, then it cuts to Spongebob siting on his bed looking at the floor for no apparent reason. Faded voices start coming it saying things like "You are worthless" and "You need to do it

I was confused about this and paused the tape. I decided to research up symptoms of schizophrenia, I found out that the voices are a symptom of schizophrenia.

I played the tape once more, the voices continued to say the thing she they said. Spongebob's eyes started to looks bloodshot and he starts to scream out "Get out of my head!!" The voices continue and spongebob run some out of his room screaming and the episode ends.

That's all I have I'll update you when I get another tape or something like that.


I have noticed that my blog is becoming so popular that I have found videos on YouTube about it. I am honestly surprised that my blog has some attention.

I also found my first blog "5/6/16" on a trollpasta wikia, which I don't find very amusing.

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