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Sadly enough, this is true.

I was an intern at Nickelodeon in 1999 for my degree in animation. I was mostly a culinary manager, but I was sometimes allowed to be in the brainstorming sessions. Even if I wasn’t allowed, then I’d just listen outside the door or bring some snacks in and sit there (well, I AM a culinary manager why not?), casually and listen. Ever since then, I haven’t been invited, in fact nobody has, except for the people who brainstorm. I have been wondering what was going on… was it a secret? Well, one day, my curiosity got the best of me and I snuck in there, then, I saw there were people by the door. Crap. I’d get caught. I walked up to them and explained (falsley) that I was in the brainstorming process. They let me in. I walked in, and saw people were sitting in chairs, huddled in a group talking about ideas. I pulled up a chair, but just then, a different man walked in. He was Steven Hillenburg!

He took a chair, sitting next to me. “So what are we talking about today?” he asked. Another man replied that they were going to do a halloween special, but make it scary. “You see, all of the halloween specials we’ve done have been cheesey and not scary, I suggest we do one that will make kids cringe!” a man said. Hillenburg nodded, I did not like where this was going. “I mean, let’s put blood in it and make it gory, I mean, that’s all that kids watch these days for crying out loud!” he said. Hillenburg nodded again. “Yes, but the parents will get mad if it really has blood in it… or is it a joke? I’m confused.” Hillenburg said, not nodding anymore. “You mean like a lost episode?” someone asked.

“YES!” the man said. “We won’t make a halloween special… we’ll make a lost episode!” he said. Everyone looked confused. “What’s a lost episode?” a man asked. “'Lost episodes' involve some sort of hyper-realistic style of animation in an episode which is either witnessed by the production crew of the show or an individual who somehow comes across it (through whatever means).” the guy replied to make things less confusing. No one seemed to get it, though. Steven Hillenburg was kind of surprised. “Well, let’s do it… but not air it… like making it just for fun.” Steven said. At the time, I was new to creepypasta, but a year before I had heard about ‘Squidward’s Suicide’, popular a creepypasta. I then wondered, were they gonna make a recreation of it? If that guy knew about lost episodes, then he probably knew about Squidward’s Suicide. “Well, are what’s that plot?” I asked. “Dunno, we’ll have to think of one, you could help us, too.

Okay everyone, that’s it for today. Let’s meet up tomarrow.” he said. Everyone sat up, and walked out the door. Goodbye culinary job, hello brainstorming! This was the start of a new, better job… but would anyone notice? I thought about that as I walked out the skinny frame of the door. The next day, we met up again, this time, a guy had some morbid ideas. He stated them out loud, and said them in a way that only a mad man could say. There were some plots that were cheesey and weren’tscary, and there were some that made me throw up in my mouth. But this one guy… had an idea for a plot that was beyond all.. that I didn’t want to listen to. Since we were going for the worst and scariest, that was the plot picked. That was all the time we had, and the thing is, we all knew we were supposed to think about new shows, but it was just too fun making a lost episode… what was I becoming?

Then, the next day was even worse. People were already starting to animate the episode. The man who came up with it made a VHS that had the episode on it. Then, they took it to the editing room where it would be watched by everyone who made it. It was going to start at 3:00, and if you were late, you wouldn’t be allowed to go in. I forgot, and then remembered 7 minutes later. I ran to the door, and it was locked. I listened under the crack of the door, it sounded so gruesome. The sounds made me almost want to throw up the sound was so realistic. And then, the episode came to an ending. I heard everyone get up and head for the door. I got up and made a run for it before they came out and saw I was listening. I ran and ran, just as I turned down the hall, I saw the door open and people walk out. I hid in the bathroom, and saw the feet of people walk down. When they were gone, I ran into the room where the episode was watched.

When l ran into the room, l saw the tape was simply just lying on the VCR. l then heard someone coming. l dashed to the door, slammed it shut and locked it. l heard the person walk away, and opened the door. After examining the tape, l popped it in the VCR. The camera static for a few minutes before it cut to the normal intro. There was something wrong… the theme song sounded distorted and demonic, and played in a eerie slowed-down tune. I also noticed the colors… they weren’t blue or colorful, instead everything had a red color to it, except SpongeBob and other things. Then, after SpongeBob plays his nose like a flute, the camera cuts to static. It stays like that for a few minutes, and then there is an image that flashed over the screen.

Before it’s even distinguishable, it vanishes and it cuts back to static. Then, the static rewinds, and it goes to the intro playing backwards, but when it does, there is a low, demonic laugh of SpongeBob’s. It then cuts to the title card, which is blurry and distorted, and the grammer isn’t that great. It read “Forgive Me” and the background was like being inside an firey explosion. Then, the title card then reads “Created by Steven Hillenburg” and fades to black over the course of ten seconds. Then, another image flashes over the screen, and I was able to pause it on the spot. It actually took a few times, and what I found was truly disturbing. It was a kid, who’s eyes had rolled back into his head.

The background was black, and his mouth… he didn’t have one. It was extremely disturbing to look at, almost impossible to look at and stay calm.. I should have saved a picture of the frame or two but I forgot. I pressed ‘play’ and the episode resumed. The camera cuts to SpongeBob sitting on the side of his bed, looking very forlorn. He, well, everything was done in an hyper-realistic style which we barely ever do. He continued to stare into Gary’s food bowl for a painfully long time. SpongeBob then mutters “I’m sorry Gary! Please come back.” and continues to stare. Then, he starts putting up signs on street light poles saying “GARY COME HOME!”. SpongeBob then starts crying as he staples it on the pole, and the camera cuts to static. The static soon fades to black over the course of three seconds. When the camera cuts to a rope hanging on the ceiling of SpongeBob’s room. He then brings the noose around his neck. The camera pans out, revealing SpongeBob is standing on a stool. He then kicks the stool out from under him, and he drops. After three seconds of hanging, the rope snaps and SpongeBob falls to the ground and lands with a thud.

Then, SpongeBob lays there, on the floor for a minute before he gets up and sighs. He walks into his closet, which leads to the attic. In the attic, he breaks the roof where he is seen standing on the roof of his pinapple home. He then walks to the edge, and stands there for awhile. Then, a cloud turns into the form of Gary meowing. SpongeBob then says “Oh, Gary, I’m sorry, please come back. I was wrong, I’m sorry! Why did I do this!” he says. He then is about to jump off the edge when he says: “Oh Gary, if I could just hear you meow, one more time,” then, the sound of Gary’s meowing could be heard “yeah, like that.” SpongeBob says.

SpongeBob then is about to jump off when he realizes Gary is right next to him, but it is too late. As SpongeBob falls off the edge of his house, he screams: “GAAAAAAAAAAARY!”. Just as he manages to get his last word out, he splatters against the ground. Blood and entrails go everywhere. The camera cuts to Gary, meowing for SpongeBob, but his dead body just lies there, blood trickling down the large gashes from the fall. Gary burst into tears, crying and crying. The camera roughly cuts to SpongeBob’s funeral, Patrick, Sandy, Mr. Krabs, Pearl and even Squidward are there. They go to SpongeBob’s grave, and his body is just lying there, looking just like it did when he fell off the roof.

The camera cuts to static and it ends, just like that, I started crying. It was sad and gruesome at the same time, and then, someone stopped by the door. Apearently he was a guard. “WHAT ARE YOU DOING?” he shouted at the top of his lungs. I didn’t reply, I just ran by him and out of the studios, I didn’t come back. I ran to my house, and got a different job. I truly do not know the sick ambitions the creators of SpongeBob had in mind with this episode. How can a kid's show be so disturbing?

Nonetheless the episode is impossible to find. I’ve searched as hard as I can, and I have failed to find anything legitimate about the episode I had seen. People had told me that I had seen only the altered version, and they too were surprised of the dark themes portrayed in the episode. Nonetheless I know what I saw. I know people would fail to believe me. People will accuse me of just trying to scare people. People would say I have no evidence. There are no photos. There is no video evidence of this occurrence. I only saw it once, and it never occurred to me to do such. I know the truth, and I want other people to know as well. Maybe, maybe someone out there saw this episode as well as I and can confirm it. Until then, I hope you enjoy reading about my experience.

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