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SpongeBob, You're Fired is a lost episode and lost VHS tape of SpongeBob SquarePants and RIP-OFF Of "Dumped Bootleg". Like the long-lost but recently discovered "Suicide Mouse" tape, SpongeBob You're Fired was purportedly created by a now imprisoned unknown animator for the series who intended to pass the tape off as the season four premiere episode and features SpongeBob getting fired from The Krusty Krab.


The title card for the episode.

The First Appearence of the TapeEdit

The bootleg tape itself was found in December 2004 by a group of 5 teenagers from the city rummaging around in a trash can within an abandoned mental institution. Of these 5 individuals, 2 have committed suicide, 1 has gone missing while another refuses to comment on the tape and the last hastily agreed to give paranormal investigators the tape shortly after being interviewed about the suicide and disappearances of the other 3 persons. The current whereabouts of the tape are unknown, but there are rumors that there is a copy of the tape that is locked up in the vaults of Nickelodeon Studios.

Another copy of this tape was made in 2005 by an unknown bootlegger, however, this copy was destroyed completely. However, it is theorized that it was lost, and yet to be found.

The screenshot of SpongeBob.

The Content of the TapeEdit

They say that there is only a short sequence of the tape that could be viewed.

The episode begins with static, before it cuts to the intro. After the intro ends, it replays the intro, this time, more slowly and the noise is deeper. The title card appears, saying "SpongeBob, You're Fired!"  and cuts to the show. The episode begins with SpongeBob merrily preparing a Krabby Patty. As he is finishing it off, Mr. Krabs bursts through the door looking downcast.

What the bootleg looked like.

He then informs SpongeBob grimly that he has been fired. At first, thinking this is a joke, Mr. Krabs replies in a stern voice he's really fired, causing SpongeBob to burst into tears. Mr. Krabs walks out, whilst removing SpongeBob's work hat. The shot goes to SpongeBob sloushing in a chair, while reading newspaper Gary comes and puts his foodbowl at the downcast Sponge. 

Whilst feeding Gary, he is told by his mind to commit suicide. Not knowing what to do, his body takes control of himself and grabs out a kitchen knife. There is then a gruesome and painful scene depicting SpongeBob slicing and shredding his wrists while crying profusely. He is seen banging his head on the wall, before the credits roll.

After they role, the camera depicts the final image: SpongeBob, laying on the floor, dead. His wrists slit, and sliced and shred blood seeping out and bruises all over himself, even a large lump on his forehead.

The image turns to static and the tape ends.

Recent WitnessesEdit

On November 12th, 2009, the tape was mentioned on a paranormal forum, causing drama. There was then a user: MaxDaring who claimed he had seen it. He put the video of this tape along with the post. One month later the post was taken down because it was said that viewers would kill themslefs, commit suicide, and disappear shortly after watching this video.

There were many witnesses by 2011 of seeing the episode air in some countries, there have been intriguing posts on the same forum where people and random users would say "Death is our only release", if other users would start a discussion about the tape. 

Then, by 2012 there were been murders made by the viewers of the tape. These were gruesome murders, and the viewers would kill themselves after killing another. Next year, there were intriguing photos of dead people posted on the discussion of the tape.

On that same year, in many people's photo albums, there would often be strange people staring at the camera in the background with black eyes and vampire-like skin. These people were identified as viewers of the tape.

Possible OriginsEdit

So far, there has been one suspect. His name is Max Johnson, who was identified as an Nickelodeon animator. By then, he was identified also as the maker of the tape. Apparently, he was inhuman because whenever the police would ask him a question, his only response would be "Death is my only release" and he'd sit still until another question was asked, and replying the same answer over and over again.

Another origin could be that it is actually an episode that was once normal as another SpongeBob episodes, but someone added things to it to make it more scary. Another copy of the tape was found in the woods by a group of campers. They refused to tell what was in the tape whenever questions were asked. 

They were forced to, or else they would have a serious fine, so they told what they saw. However, they refused to tell in person, they wrote it down and gave it to the cops.

The best origin is the first one, however, there was another suspect. His name was Hank Simpson, and his attorneys said he didn't make the tape. It was then found out that the real creator was the creator of SpongeBob SquarePants creator himself, Steven Hillenburg, however, he was put in jail for a month for creating that tape.

Latest ReportEdit

Thought the tape was destroyed, it were reported that apparently the episode aired though a broadcast signal intrusion in the 10, March 2013 at midnight. The new tape and the hijacker had not yet found or identified.

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