"This story has a few similarities with "Sonic.exe" creepypasta. I just wanted to point that out before people go "HURRR DURRR YOU JUST COPIED SONIC.EXE CREEPYPASTA". And also, this only made up. This really isn't supposed to scare you anyway. I made this just for fun. ^-^" Sure, pal. Whatever helps you sleep at night.-Furbearingbrick

It was a peaceful day as I was playing a game on my Xbox 360. I have recently bought a Playstation 1 to play some of the games I owned as a kid, such as Scooby doo and the Cyber chase, Spider-man: the game, Crash Bandicoot 2, and my favorite, Spongebob Squarepants Supersponge. I've beaten Spongebob Squarepants Supersponge at least 10 times.

Before the boss battle started, this is what popped up. It clearly looks like it could've been edited by MS paint or something..

As I was playing Gears of war 3 on my Xbox 360, the mailman passes by my house and drops off a few items. I pause my game and walk over to my mailbox. All of it was just junk. As I threw the mail away, I heard a thud in the trash can. It was a letter with some sort of disc inside of it. I pick it up to see what it was. First, there was a letter inside, from my best friend, Matt. I opened the letter and it read this-

I can't take this anymore. Ever since I downloaded this game, I've been expierencing the freakiest things. Horrible nightmare, visions, and all kinds of crazy stuff. It won't leave me alone. It won't stop haunting me. Get rid of this disc. It won't let me get rid of it, since I was foolish enough to play it. I warn you, as soon as you get this, do NOT play this game. If you do, it will track you down. Just burn it, do whatever you want. Just do not play it. Your friend, Matt.

I was pretty confused for a minute. The letter looked like it was written fast, and the freaky part was, there was a tiny bloodstain at the bottom right where it says "Matt". I picked up the disc, and it read "SpongebobSupersponge.exe". There was a small bloodstain on that too. I wiped off the bloodstain and it read in red letters- "Play me, right now. You know you want to, Keith." I was horrified. "How does it know my name?" I said. "Maybe Matt's pulling another prank on me. Maybe I should try the game out."

So I started up my laptop and put it in my laptop. My laptop broke down right as it finished loading. I was very confused, so then I fixed up my laptop and then it went straight to the game. The intro to Sponegbob Squarepants Supersponge played. "Yes! My favorite game as a child!" I exclaimed. The intro was mixed up, though. Some characters were missing. Mr.Krabs, Sandy, Barnacle boy, Mermaidman, and Manray were not in the intro. Only Spongebob, Patrick, Squidward, and Gary. The start screen showed up, and the music stopped out of nowhere. There was no music. I was confused, then I realized that the game was a hack. I pressed start, and the freakiest thing came up. I couldn't get a screenshot of it, but it showed the skies that were blood red, the houses destroyed, and in the corner, it showed Spongebob with red, bulgy eyes, as if he had pinkeye.(Similar to this picture I saw once, I forget what it was called, but it should be in another creepypasta.) He look horrified in the picture, and he had a knife in his hand, looking as if he wanted to commit suicide. I was scared. I wanted to stop, but as a gamer, I kept going. Then suddenly, a character select screen came up. I was like "What?? This wasn't in the actual game!" And what confused me most was the fact that the characters were Spongebob, Patrick, Squidward, Gary, and the Flying Dutchman! "Double what??? Since WHEN could you play as the Flying Dutchman in a Spongebob game??" I said. Since the Flying Dutchman was my favorite boss in the game, I chose him.

The level start screen showed up, and it read "Dead bottom". I was still pretty confused, but I went on. The level started off as just the Bikini Bottom level in the actual game, except the sky was orange, and the jellyfish were dead, as if something crushed them. I started to move at a slow pace, and as the Flying Dutchman flew through Bikini Bottom, the buildings were crushed, and all the enemies were dead and covered in blood. Then when I came to the boss, the Mother Jellyfish was on the ground dying, it yelled for help. "What? She can't talk! How is she yelling for help??" I said. I flew over to her and she whispered in a screechy voice, "Do not......Go....A-Any....F-Further.....Beware....T-The Iron....D-" And right as she said "D", she died. "The Iron dogfish??" I said. "Of course, what other boss in this game can cause all of this?" Then I completed the level, or so I thought...Then, The boss hints came up and it showed the Iron Dogfish, covered in blood with red glowing eyes and bloody fangs. "Already???" I said. The Flying Dutchman even looked horrified as the fight started. Iron Dogfish started to run into me, but The Flying Dutchman disappeared. "Did I do that??" I asked myself. Then he reappeared. The Iron dogfish was gone, but his health was still up and full. "What should I do?!" I asked myself. Then, out of nowhere, the Iron dogfish came up to me and slashed at me. It actually did damage. What the heck?? He's a ghost! That should be nothing to him! Then the Iron dogfish began to speak. "Let's play a game, Keith..." I was horrified, then the screen moved on to the next level, and it said "Tag". It started off as The Flying Dutchman looking horrified. He then started to fly throughout the stage. It looked similar to the Lava fields level in the actual game, except it had blood everywhere, and dead enemies. Then, The boss battle to the Sub Shark came up. "Something's not right..." I said. I began fighting the Sub Shark. He was pretty easy, since I was the Flying Dutchman. Then, right as I was about to kill him, Iron Dogfish came out of nowhere and tore the Sub Shark to pieces. It scared the crap out of me. The Iron Dogfish suddenly started to teleport everywhere. I was confused. "He can't teleport!!" I exclaimed. Then he teleported in front of the Flying Dutchman and exclaimed "Found you!" Then the screen went black and Screeching was heard. It stayed like that for about 10 seconds then it read in bloody letters "Want to continue, Keith?" I wanted to stop. I was ready to just take the game and burn it, but I kept going.

Then the character select came back up, except the Flying Dutchman wasn't there. I then decided to pick Squidward. The level start screen then popped up and said "There is no hope.". It then went to the "Inside the whale" level, except the bones were cracked apart and the enemies were dead. And the music sounded like it was playing in reverse. Squidward look horrified, and he began to sob. I then made him move forward and the music got creepier and creepier as I kept going, as if it was just mixing up. Then the boss battle against the Parasitic Worm came up, except on the boss hints, the worm was stabbed everywhere. He looked as if he was just a red parasitic worm. Then as I entered the boss battle, he was already dead, but the health was up. Then, out of nowhere, the Iron dogfish came up from the entrance. I then realized that I had to fight him. I tried to find a way, then I found out that Spuidward could play his Clarinet. "That's it! Air!" I then made him blow the clarinet on Iron dogfish. It did damage on him. I repeated the cycle until I finally defeated him. "Yes! I did it!". Then, the screen went black, and screeching was heard for 5 seconds. Then it said in bloody letters- "Thought I was dead, Keith? Hahaha...Try again!" I then went on, and Squidward was gone.

I then chose Gary the snail. It then said on the level start screen- "Hide and seek". Then it showed Gary, inside of Spongebob's house, where there were blood stains on the wall, and the ending credits to the Spongebob show was played in reverse, and Gary looked horrified. Then, I made him move. He just slithered throughout Spongebob's house. Until Gary found Spongebob, sobbing in a corner. Then Gary moved by himself. I realized that this was a cutscene. Gary was about to touch Spongebob's shoulder, and Spongebob looked at Gary with the bloodshot eyes from the beginning. "Gary....Help....Me..." Spongebob said. Gary began to slither away, fast. Then the door shut out of nowhere. Then the Iron dogfish suddenly burst out of Spongebob. "I will make you suffer!" He exclaimed. Then the screen went black and screeching was heard, once again. And it said in bloody letters "You're pathetic! I can't wait until you're done!" Then it came to the character select screen, and all that was left was Spongebob and Patrick.

I then chose Patrick. It then said on the level start screen- "You're almost out of time". Then it went to the thermal tunnels level, and yet again, there were a few blood stains, dead enemies, and the music was in reverse. Patrick look confused and horrified at the same time. I then made him move, there was nothing but just straight walking for about 2 minutes. Then it came to an end, and this time the boss hints didn't show up. It just went straight to the boss battle. And I found out that Patrick had to ability to belly bounce, so I tried to belly bounce the Iron dogfish, but he disappeared and laughed. It kept going for a while, and Patrick started to sob and exclaim "Spongebob!!!! Where are you?!?!" "Don't worry, fat one..You'll see him soon..." Then the screen went black and screeching was heard. Then it said in bloody letters "One character left...Oh, this is so much fun! I feel like giving you another chance! But I'm afraid I cannot." I look confused, then I moved on. All that was left was Spongebob.

I then chose Spongebob, then it said on the level start screen "Final level for you life". Then it went to the place where you originally fight the Iron Dogfish. Except there were no air vents, just buttons. There were rivers of blood in the background and the Giygas theme(2nd part) began to play. Spongebob was more horrified than ever. I then fought him. I somehow did damage on him using the karate glove. Then when his health ran out, it regenerated and he became huge, I mean HUGE! He almost took up the whole screen. I tried to attack him, but he was invulnerable. Then Iron dogfish yelled at the top of his lungs "GAME...OVER!!" Then he went inside of Spongebob, and Spongebob had the bloodshot eyes from the beginning. Then after that, the computer crashed.

"Man....That is one freaky hacked game...How could Matt possibly make this??" I was confused. Then I pried the disc out and threw it away. Then, it was about 11:29 PM. I was pretty tired, so I decided to go to bed. Then, I had a horrible nightmare about the game. I couldn't really explain it. The next morning, I woke up and noticed the disc on top of my T.V. "Huh? Didn't I throw that out?" Then, I turned around, and I saw a Spongebob plush and an Iron dogfish plush....Both with bloodshot eyes covered in blood.........
(To be continued.)